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Book Review Serumproteine. Bd. 1 Methodische Fortschritte im medizinischen Laboratorium [Serum Proteins. Vol. 1. Progress in Medical Laboratory Techniques]. Edited by A. Englhardt and H. Lommel

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standing (in the first volume each compound is numbered
throughout), and the formulas are often found only one or
two pages before or after they have been mentioned in the
text. What is more troublesome is that the author has not
always made happy choices and, for example, formulates diradical ions that, for energetic reasons, are certainly not formed
(e.g. on pp. 74 and 75 the ion with mass 135), although
admittedly the ions postulated are useless as criteria since
they often have only a low intensity (on p. 76, 3 %). Nevertheless, the author has collected the literature concerning chromans, xanthones, and flavanoids with great diligence, so that
the critical reader has a book that will greatly assist him
in working his way into the mass spectrometry of this class
of compounds.
Gerhard Spiteller
[NB 284 IE]
Serumproteine. Bd. 1 : Methodische Fortschritte im medizinischen Laboratorium [Serum Proteins. Vol. 1. Progress
in Medical Laboratory Techniques]. Edited by A. Englhartlt
and H . Lommel. Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim 1974.
1st Edit., 230 pp., 67 figs., 40 tables, bound, DM 52.-.
This books,published in 1974,providesa collection of articles
on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of serum proteins.
There is no review giving a critical evaluation of the now
available methods of clinical diagnosis. The reader must make
d o with the individual chapters, which are of very varied
quality. In some chapters (e.9. in the introductory chapter
by A. Englhartlt) the emphasis is on the experimental methods,
the main weight being laid on their interpretation. In Chapter
I1 (Special Proteins) there appears to be some lack of coordination, since the explanation and the interpretation of the same
methods are repeated in several different contributions. While
the schemes are mostly very well drawn, the reproduction
of the original diagrams is so bad that it is often barely
possible to recognize the essential features. Unfortunately,
also, the collection of methods is incomplete, in that newer
techniques such as Lourell‘s “rocket” electrophoresis and the
“automatic” techniques for quantitative analysis of plasma
proteins are not included. Instead, we have a modification
of immunoelectrophoresis by R. Sanders and H . G. Meiers
that is no longer used in general practice. The chapters dealing
with immunoelectrophoresis and its interpretation suffer particularly badly from the poor quality of the diagrams in this
chapter; however, the experimental instructions are given in
detail sufficient to enable the newcomer to use the methods
described. Overlapping occurs also in Chapter IV (Lipoproteins). and in Chapter V (Enzymes and Isoenzymes). Chapter
VI (Antibodies) contains contributions on experimental
methods that are in the main clearly written, critical, and
complete, although here too there is some overlap. The tables
in the article on “Detection of Australia SH Antigens and
Antibodies” contain mainly the older, insensitive methods
such as transport electrophoresis, the Mancini technique, and
the complement-fixation reaction which are today replaced
by more sensitive methods (mentioned only as literature references). In the chapter on the detection of the various autoantibodies the critical evaluation of the methods is incomplete.
Where immunofluorescence methods are applied there is no
precise description of the microscopic techniques. The book
closes withan excellent chapter on thedetectionand evaluation
of antibodies in the thyroid gland.
It is hoped that in future volumes of the series the publishers
will see to it that the quality of the printing is improved
and that there is thorough in-house editing.
H . Deicher
[NB 289 IE]
Verordnung iiber gefahrliche Arbeitsstoffe. (Directive on hazardous working materials.) Textausgabe mit Einfuhrung, ausfuhrlichen Erlauterungen fur die Praxis und Formularabbildungen. (Text with introduction, detailed practical notes,
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Registered names, trademarks, etc. used in this iournol, even wrihour speci3c rndicnrron IhereoJ are no! 10 be considered unprorecred by low.
8 Verlag Chemie, GmbH, D-6940 Weinhelm. 1976 Printed in Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckerel. SpeyerIRhem
All rights reserved (including those of translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be reproduced in any form - by photoprint, microfilm, o r any other means - nor transmitted or translated mto a machine language without written permissron from the publishers Only single copies of cantrihuttons. or parts thereof. may be reproduced for personal u s . Coplei
reproduced and used other than for private purposes in an industrial or commerclal undertaking are subject to copyright and. m such casec. a copyright Tee must he pald lo the V G W m e n schart GmbH. Frdnkfurt‘Vam 1. Grosser Hirschgrahen 1 7 21. rrom whom conditions of payment can be ohtdlned on request
Editorial office: Horchriras\e 12. D-6940 Weinhelm. Germany. relephone I403b. 1 elex 4655 I6 vcliwh d.
Editor: H. Griinetlald. Translation Editors: A . J , RorkvrrrM and A . Slimson.
Publishers: Verlag Chemie. GmbH (Managing Directors Jiiiqvn Krru.-hnqe and Hrrnr Sch~,nwi-)Pappelallee 3. D-6940 Weinhelm. Germany
and Academic Press Inc (President Chriik.? H u r l ) . I l I Fifth Avenue. New York 3. N . Y . LISA. and 2.1 2X O~;II R m d I t i i i d t v i N W I . 1 i n ~ l . i n J
Coi rc\pondencc concernmg ~ l d \ c l t i w i i e n t sshould he i~idl-esscd10 V c i l q Chcmiu. G m h t l . Ihd\erticing M m a ~ e Rr J Rorlil D-6YJO Wcinliciiii I’,ippeldlIce 3 P 1) I h \ 1260 12x0 (
relcnhonc Weinhelm (0620I) 14031.Telex 465516 vchwh d
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