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Book Review Spectrochemical Analysis by Atomic Absorption and Emission. By L. H. J. Lajunen

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with which the author has been concerned in the past, the
application of statistical methods to potentiometric titration.
The book ends with an appendix consisting of seven short
sections, which include definitions of the most important
terms used in statistics and brief explanations of matrix algebra, partial differentiation, the calculation of expectation
values, and various minor mathematical theorems.
The author has set out to describe the processes of data
compilation and analysis that take place inside the “black
box” (the microcomputer and associated application programs), and in particular to draw attention to the problems
and difficulties of data handling. The reader is specifically
warned about the possible pitfalls that await the inexperienced user when data are interpreted with the help of such a
“black box”. The book fulfills this task very well, and it
should be of considerable value to all who use microcomputers and application programs for statistical data analysis. I
can recommend it unreservedly for such readers.
Horst Hippier
Institut fur Physikalische Chemie
der Universitat Gottingen (FRG)
Spectrochemical Analysis by Atomic Absorption and Emission. By L. H. J. Lajunen. The Royal Society of Chemistry,
London, 1992. XII, 242 pp., paperback E 18.50.--ISBN
0-86 186-873-8
This book, which is intended for students and teachers of
analytical chemistry, describes the state of knowledge in
atomic spectroscopy in the early 1990s. Following a short
historical sketch and a general explanation of the terms used,
the fundamental theory is presented. This forms the basis for
a clearly understandable description of various analytical
techniques, ranging from flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (flame-AAS) through graphite furnace AAS
(GFAAS) and other AAS methods, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), and ICP-mass
spectrometry (ICP-MS), to atomic fluorescence spectroscopy.
For each technique the basic instrumentation is described
first, followed by the capabilities, problems, and ways of
solving them. The lengths of the chapters reflect the relative
importance of the different methods. Thus the most extensive chapters are those on the three most important routine
techniques, namely flame-AAS, graphite furnace AAS, and
plasma-AES. Also included, however, are short descriptions
of recently developed techniques such as ICP-MS and the
different types of sample introduction systems used (although here the book does not go into much detail, and also
some small errors have crept in, such as an incorrect figure
showing a mass spectrum on page 197).
A very positive feature of the book is that the author does
not waste time on trivia but concentrates on important relationships and an overall view, though without neglecting the
problems. For example, a separate chapter is devoted to
sample preparation, ranging from sample acquisition
through digestion techniques to methods of separation and
enrichment. The clear presentation of the material is also
greatly helped by the detailed and well-arranged list of contents and the many figures (148) and tables (46), which both
support and amplify the information in the text. To round
off the book there is a section in which the different atomic
spectroscopy methods are summarized and compared, together with a list of books for further reading and of the most
important relevant journals.
The book can be recommended for everyone who wishes
to learn about the capabilities and limitations of analysis by
atomic spectroscopy. It is especially suitable for students
with interests in analytical chemistry, for whom it offers a
clearly understandable and thorough grounding i n modern
atomic spectroscopy. It is to be hoped that it will reach a
wide readership, as it covers a broad range of subject matter
in a very readable form.
Rnlf’ Mrinke
Institut fur Anorganische Chemie
der Universitlt Hannover (FRG)
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