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Book Review Spectroscopic Properties of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds. Vol 4. Specialist Periodical Reports

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The elucidation of the complicated structures of the
Galbulimima alkaloids is largely due to the authors of the
5th chapter, E. Ritchie and W C . Taylor, who review the
analytical works that have appeared since the publication
of their last article in Volume 9 (1967). R. S. Kapil (44
references) outlines the publications since 1964 on a new
subgroup of the indole alkaloids, i.e. the carbazole alkaloids. M . Curcumelli-Rodostamo correlates the 30 or so
new bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinolines isolated in the last
four years (up to 1970) with the previously known compounds, and adds further important information (124
references). An abundance of recent syntheses, stereochemical investigations, and physiological and pharmacological findings explain the renewed discussion of the
tropane alkaloids (G. Fodor, 194 references). The last
chapter, “Alkaloids Unclassified and of Unknown Structure”(116 references), was written by R. H . F. Manske.
The favorable overall impression given by this alkaloid
volume is only very slightly weakened by the few errors
(mainly in the first chapter) : pentavalent carbon (formula
X), missing or incorrect reaction arrows (p. 155), a formula
scheme under an incorrect heading (p. 155), and irregularities in the characterization of stereoisomerization and
I4C labeling (p. 374).
Spot checks show that the references are fairly free from
errors (though one should read 1965 for 1925 in reference
3, p. 156). After reading this book, the reader will be in no
doubt as to the unsuitability of Roman numerals for
numbering chemical formulas. The very short subject
index gives only a hint of the abundance of information
All the articles show impressively the important part
played by the proper use of modern physical methods in
the successes that have been achieved. They also show how
youthful alkaloid chemistry has remained, despite its long
The book can be unreservedly recommended to all chemists, botanists, and pharmacologists who are interested in
the alkaloid field. It should certainly find a place in any
Volker Teetz [NB 117 IE]
Gel Permeation Chromatography. Edited by K . H. Altgelt
and L. Segal. Marcel Dekker Inc., New York 1971, 1st
Edit., xvii, 646 pp., numerous figures bond $ 24 7.5.
The book contains the lectures from a symposium on this
topic held by the American Chemical Society at the beginning of 1970, which were published in 1970171 in
“Separation Science”. The editors have tried to take account of the wide range covered by the fields of interest
of the lecturers by division of the material into the following
chapters : Fundamental Introduction ; Survey of Theories
and Evaluation Methods ; New Developments ; Application to Polymer and Petrochemical Problems. The
specialist will find here a great deal of valuable advice
for his own theoretical and experimental work, e.g. on the
gel permeation chromatography (GPC) of high molecular
weight polyethylene and polypropylene with an IR detector
and with tetrachloroethylene as a solvent at high temperatures; on corrections required in the evaluation ; on
the use of the universal calibration after H . Benoit; on the
GPC methods known up to 1970 for the investigation of
From the title of the book, one would expect a substantially
complete description of the GPC technique, the theories,
and its uses ;the book by Determann [Gelchromatographie
(Gel Chromatography). Springer-Verlag, 19671 on general
gel chromatography might serve as a pattern in this respect.
A coherent and (to the chemist) more readily comprehensible introduction to the physical material would also be
possible within this framework. However, the contributions presented are well able to widen and deepen the
knowledge of those who are familiar with GPC.
Manfred Unbehend [NB 118 IE]
Spectroscopic Properties of Inorganic and Organometallie
Compounds. Vol. 4. Specialist Periodical Reports.
Published by The Chemical Society, London 1971, 1st
Edit., xviii, 604 pp., numerous figurns bound L 10.00.
Volume 4 presents a survey of the literature published in
1970 in the following fields : nuclear magnetic resonance
(185 pages); nuclear quadrupole resonance (10 pages);
microwave spectroscopy (13 pages); vibrational spectra
(260 pages); and Mossbauer spectroscopy (95 pages). The
collection of literature is complete, and is presented in
such a way that all the significant developments in these
fields are specially picked out. Not only are the results
reported, but possibilities for using spectroscopic information are also shown.
Each chapter is complete in itself, and provides an insight
into the range of applications that have been found for the
various methods. The books and reviews that have been
published are discussed in the introduction to each chapter
and the main subjects of the investigations are emphasized.
Each chapter contains sections arranged according to the
lements. This arrangement facilitates rapid scanning.
This volume can be warmly recommended to everyone
concerned with these methods. The series is particularly
valuable for those who wish to familiarize themselves with
this field (degree and doctorate candidates). One obtains
here a large, ordered literature survey in a very short time
with a minimum of work.
Registered names, trademarks, err. used in this journal, euen without specijic rndication rhereof, are not
H . W Roesky [NB 122 IE]
be considered unprotected by law.
0 Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim 1973. Printed in Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckerei, Speyer/Rhein.
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit
Vol. 12 (1973)
1 NO. 3
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