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Book Review Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis. By W. N. Delgass G. L. Haller R. Kellerman and J. H

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Ullmanns Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie (Ullmann’s
Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry). Edited by E.
Bartholome, E. Biekert, H . Hellmann, H . Ley (deceased),
W . M . Weigert (deceased), and E. Weise. Vol. 5: Analysen- und Messverfahren (Analytical and Measurement
Techniques). Volume editor: H. Kelker. Verlag Chemie,
Weinheim 1980, 4th edition, xvi, 1010 pp., bound, DM
This volume on analytical and measurement techniques
which forms part of the general series of Ullmann’s Encyclopediaf*lis unusual in its size: whereas the average number
of pages of the previous volumes was about 700, this volume, including the German and English subject indexes,
contains more than 1000 pages. Yet even at this size
the editor has had difficulty in accommodating the wealth
of analytical and measurement techniques relevant to the
problems of industrial chemistry. The surpassing way in
which he has achieved this will be seen in what follows.
Industrial measurement technology, including process
analysis, i. e. one half of the overall topic, takes up a bare
150 pages. (Control technology was covered in Volume 4.)
The present volume is thus predominantly devoted to analysis as such. Apart from the many essentially instrumental
analytical methods, various general and fundamental
problems and methods are dealt with. This is especially
true of the introductory chapter on “Aims and methods of
analysis” (25 pp.), which is also concerned with chemical
analytical methods; for example in the field of organic
chemistry it deals with elementary analysis and functional
group analysis. It is emphasized that, despite the very high
level of development of physical methods today, chemical
methods are still of great importance and in many cases
are irreplaceable. The other general chapters deal with digestion methods (27 pages), balances and weighing in the
laboratory (8 pages), evaluation of measurements (9
pages), and the use of computers in analysis (24 pages).
The instrumental techniques described are distillation (16
pages), chromatographic methods (142 pages, broken
down into fundamentals, gas chromatography, thin-layer
chromatography, and electrophoresis), structural analysis
by crystal diffraction (34 pages), spectroscopic methods
(249 pages, broken down into ultraviolet and visible, infrared and Raman spectroscopy, microwave gas spectroscopy, NMR and ESR, atomic absorption spectroscopy, emission spectroscopy, and X-ray spectral analysis), surface
studies (58 pages), mass spectrometry (28 pages), electron
microscopy (19 pages), polarimetry (16 pages), refractometry (10 pages), electrochemical techniques (34 pages), activation analysis (23 pages), radionuclides in analytical
chemistry (8 pages), particle measuring techniques (29
Pages) rheometry (23 Dapes), and thermal calorimetry (18
measuring techniques. All such problems can be very
quickly resolved with the aid of the detailed (14 pages)
subject index.
As is customary for Ullmann’s Encyclopedia, the authors of the individual chapters are recognized practical
experts. The overall appearance of this volume meets the
quality standards to which we have grown accustomed.
The editor states that his aim has been t o provide a guide
to the subject, and this must rank as a definite understatement, The reviewer would rather call this volume a standard work (over and above its position within the narrower
framework of the encyclopedia) that will prove indispensable to any chemist who needs to make use of the techniques of instrumental analysis.
Ulfert Onken [NB 561 IE]
Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis. By W. N . Delgass. G . L. Haller, R . Kellerman. and J . H . Lunsford.
Academic Press, New York 1979, x, 341 pp., I17 figs.,
bound, $ 35.00.
Spectroscopic methods for the study of solid surfaces
and states of chemisorption are currently in a state of such
rapid development, both in numbers and in refinement,
that it is often far from easy to select and use the most suitable and effective method for a given problem. This is
where the present compilation should help those working
in research or industry: at the same time it should act as a
spur to fresh research and as an introduction to advanced
students. The topics covered are infrared spectroscopy and
Raman spectroscopy (Haller), diffuse reflection spectroscopy, including photoacoustics (Kellerman). Mossbauer
spectroscopy (Delgass). electron spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance (Lunsford), and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (Delgass). With the exception of the XPES, the methods chosen can thus be applied under the
conditions of temperature and pressure usual for heterogeneous catalysis.
Each of the seven chapters comprises between 30 and 50
pages and begins with a short introduction outlining the
ranges, conditions of application, and limitations of the
method. There follow an introduction into the theoretical
fundamentals, a presentation of the experimental layout
and instrumentation, and a report on characteristic applications illustrated with examples selected from the literature. A distinction is always made between information o n
catalyst structures in bulk, on the surface, and on chemisorbed structures or complexes. Apart from the static state
of these structures particular stress is laid upon the deter
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