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Book Review Synthetic Nucleotides. Vol. 1. By G. R. Pettit

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Synthetic Nucieotides. Vol. 1. By G. R. Pettit. Van Nostrand
Reinhold Comp., New York-London
1972. 1st ed., viii,
252 pp., bound L 10.00.
In this book, G. R. Pettit presentsa long-needed comprehensive
tabular survey of synthetic nucleotides
All the important nucleotides mentioned from 1945 to June
1971, together with their methods of synthesis, are discussed
in nine chapters, starting with the mononucleotides having
the bases U, C,T, A, and G and their derivatives and proceding
via theoligonucleotides to the polynucleotides. In each chapter
the tables are preceded by brief descriptions and formulas
for well-planned and well-proven syntheses.
In addition to the literature references, each table contains
a brief outline of the phosphorylation method and information
about the solvent and the chromatographic procedure. UV
values, melting point, and yield are given. The tables also
show whether R, values, electrophoresis values, and elemental
analyses are given in the original literature for the characterization of the nucleotides and what spectroscopic methods
and enzymatic tests have been used.
The author has put a great deal of work into separating
the wheat from the chaff in the nucleotide chemistry literature
of the past 25 years, some of which is rather obscure. It
is pleasing to know that the author intends to continue this
work in the same way as his “Synthetic Peptides”. It should
be pointed out, however, that the present book has a number
of shortcomings, both with regard to its content and of a
technical nature.
In a book that claims complete coverage of the results of
the last 25 years, the number of references (barely 350) is
far too small. Furthermore, a good 10 *Aof these are connected
with the historical discussion in the introductory chapter.
The author rightly criticizes the fact that the characterization
ofthenucleotides is often based on faith. It is therefore difficult
to understand why he does not cite articles in which abundant
use is made of enzymatic and spectroscopic techniques. Moreover, the table should also give experimental values from other
publications. Another desirable feature would have been references to other recent important reviews.
Despite these reservations, the book should certainly be very
useful to nucleotide chemists and to chemists who wish an
insight into this field. It should find a place in any library.
K a y Schattka
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Luwdin. Academic Press, New York-London 1973. XVI,
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