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Book Review Synthetic Polymer Membranes. A Structural Perspective. 2nd edition. By R. E. Kesting

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stirring, during 5 min. The crystalline products were filtered off, washed
twice with 40 m L of ether and dried (30°C/4 x l o - ' Pa); crystallization of 2c
necessitated cooling to -40°C. Za-Zd gave correct elemental analyses.
'H-NMR([D,]acetone,TMS): Z a : 6 = 1.90(~,6H,CH,),450-6.50(1H, NH),
7.37-8.10 (m, S H , aromatic H).-Zb: fi=l.90 (s, 6 H , CH,), 5.00-7.10 ( I H,
NH). 7.60-8.26 (AA'BB' system, 4 H , aromatic H).-Zc: 6 = 2 . 0 3 (s, 6 H ,
C H ~ ) , 5 . 1 0 - 7 . 1 0 ( I H ,NH),7.60-8.39(m,4H,aromatic H ) . - Z d : 6 = 1 . 8 9 ( ~ ,
6 H, CHI). 4.00 ( s , 3 H, OCHI), 4.50-6.50 ( I H, NH), 7.13-8.40 (AA'BB' SYStern, 4 H , aromatic H).
Received: July 25, 1986;
revised: September 8, 1986 [ Z 1876 IE]
German version: Angew. Chem. 98 (1986) 11 I I
CAS Registry numbers:
la, 18440-33-0; Ib, 28359-16-2; lc, 105122-05-2; Id, 105122-06-3; Za, 10512208-5; Zb, 105122-10-9: Zc, 105122-12-1: Zd, 105122-14-3.
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[4] Crystallographic data: monoclinic P Z , / n , n =7.368( I), h = 15.832(3),
c = 10.789(3)
,5=92.86(2)': Y = 1257.0 A'. Z = 4 , P ' . , , ~ =1.464 g cm-',
pnh\= 1.45 g cm-.'. CAD4, MoKn, graphite monochromator, 1246 independent reflections ( I > 20(I)), 0" < H < 25". w/2A-scan, direct methods,
R , =0.057. Further details of the crystal structure investigation are available o n request from the Fdchinformationszentrum Energie, Physik,
Mathernatik GmbH, D-75 14 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen 2 (FRG), on
quoting the depository number CSD-51862, the names of the authors,
and the full citation of the journal.
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Synthetic Polymer Membranes. A Structural Perspective.
2nd edition. By R . E. Kesting. Wiley, Chichester 1985.
xi, 348 pp., bound, E 55.75.--ISBN 0-471-80717-6
This book provides an extensive survey of the application of synthetic membranzs for separation processes in
the chapters on Membrane Separation Processes (Chapter
2) and Miscellaneous Uses of Membranes (Chapter 3). The
properties and solubility behavior of membrane specific
polymers as well as the preparation and properties of various synthetic membranes are dealt with in chapters on
Membrane Polymers (Chapter 4), Polymer Solutions (Chapter 5), Dense Membranes (Chapter 6 ) , Phase Inversion
Membranes (Chapter 7), Other Porous Membranes (Chapter 8), and Liquid and Dynamically Formed Membranes
(Chapter 9). The final chapter 10 on Biological Membranes
supplies a condensed overview of the structure and function of biological membranes.
The author is an internationally recognized expert in the
field of synthetic membranes who has been concerned with
the design and production of synthetic membranes for
more than 20 years. His great experiences in this field are
reflected, in particular, in Chapters 4, 6 , and 7, which are
really worth reading.
However, the vivid and interesting description of knowledge on synthetic membranes cannot obscure the fact that
the treatment of the physico-chemical foundations of
transport across membranes, of equilibria at solution/
membrane interfaces, of the solubility of polymers, and of
Rra,<rcrcd ,mine(. rrademorh r
0 VCH \',ge\cll\ch,lft
rhis p u n m l . even
the water structure in membranes suffer from at least a
one-sided view and from inaccuracies in some respects.
Thus, the attempt at a purely kinetic explanation of the osmotic pressure fails (p. 24). A clear theoretical background
is lacking with the presentation of electrochemical membrane processes. As a consequence of this, individual processes are treated independently without clearly elaborating
the interrelations. As a result, an analytical relationship is
given only for the diffusion potential whereas the streaming potential is discussed only qualitatively. Furthermore,
a theoretical treatment of desalination is presented in the
paragraph on hyperfiltration (pp. 64-78) which is essentially unaccepted till today. This biased presentation,
which unfortunately extends throughout the whole book
and also prevents a systematic classification of synthetic
membranes according to their formation, results in a not
really scientific and clear presentation of the membrane
Despite the shortcomings mentioned, the book is a valuable extension of the literature on membranes since the author is at least familiar with, and quotes, the pubtished literature from the beginning of membrane research which
was mainly published in German. Consequently it should
be available in every library aiming at a reasonably complete coverage of the literature on membranes.
Wolfgang Pusch [NB 768 IE]
Max-Planck-lnstitut fur Biophysik,
Frankfurt am Main (FRG)
rpectfir mdrcarmt rhereol ore nor
be ronsrdrwd ~ m p r n r p c r r dhi Ion
mhH. 11-6940 Weinhcim. 1986 .Printed In the Federal Kepuhlic of Germany hy Zechnenche Buchdruckcrei. Spcycr/Rhcin
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Anyen Chem I n ! td Lnyl 25 fly861N o I.!
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