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Book Review The Biochemistry of Viruses. Edited by H. B. Levy

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The Biochemistry of Viruses. Edited by H. B. Levy. Marcel
Dekker, Inc., New York-London 1969, 1st Edit., xiv +
657 pp., numerous figures, bound $ 28.50.
The molecular biology of virus infections is currently receiving a n increasing amount of attention. A large number of
laboratories throughout the world are engaged in studying
both the structure of viruses and the mode of replication of a
number of types of virus, and also the effect of viral multiplication o n the infected cell. In particular, it is known that
a virus infection can lead not only t o death of the infected cell
but also t o a malignant modification of the cell. This has
resulted in the tumor viruses, thanks t o the limited extent of
their genetic information, becoming an excellent model for
carcinogenesis. It is thus hardly surprising that the literature
on the biochemistry of viruses has recently grown to such a n
extent that even the subject specialist finds it difficult to keep
abreast of the latest developments.
It is therefore all the more gratifying t o find that the present
book, edited by Levy and written by a number of competent
authors, provides a survey of the recent literature. The two
opening chapters describe the chemical composition of animal viruses and the structure of viruses. After these general
chapters, which contain a wealth of useful information, the
biochemistry of the main virus groups is systematically discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on the mode of multiplication of the different types of viruses. In addition, one
chapter deals with the genetic analysis of the polio virus. The
final chapter is concerned with the biochemistry of interferon.
In the introduction it is said that the work was intended as a
textbook for advanced students and as a source of reference
for the virologist. For this purpose it is certainly well equipped, particularly since the literature is covered up t o 1968.
It is a pity that the compilation of the chapters gives the impression of a certain degree of incompleteness. The value of
the book would be increased if Arboviruses and Rhabdoviruses were also dealt with. The omission of any reference to
R N A phages and D N A tumor viruses leaves the book incomplete.
Gerhard Sauer [NB 861 IE]
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Angew. Chem. infernat. Edit. 1 Vol. 9 (1970) No. 5
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