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Book Review The Condensed Chemical Dictionary. By G. G. Hawley

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The book has been written with great care over a period
of eight years, and its usefulness cannot be questioned.
The specialist will study it again and again. Apart from
this, and perhaps contrary to what many would expect,
most chapters are also interesting reading to chemists
working outside the lactic acid field. The reviewer believes
that the book will retain its value for many years. It
is therefore recommended to every chemist or organization
working with lactic acid or its derivatives, as well as to
all organic chemical laboratories in general.
Niels Clauson-Kaas
The book is obviously not intended primarily as an
introduction to polymers : for example, the reader is
assumed to possess a knowledge of the most important
measuring methods. Anyone acquainted with the field will,
however, find the book very much to his liking, for it is
concise, well formulated, clearly laid out-ach
begins with a summary of its contents-and the printing
is of a high standard. In short, this is a monograph that will
not only be read, but also used.
UIrich Zorll
[NB 125 IE]
[NB 154 IE]
Properties of Polymers. Correlations with Chemical Structure. By D. W van Krevelen. Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam-London-New
York 1972, 1st Edit.,
xi, 427 pp., numerous figures and tables, bound, % 22.--.
The book deals with the thermophysical properties of
polymers, their behavior in mechanical and electrical
force fields, transport phenomena such as flow processes,
diffusion, and permeation, and crystallization and degradation processes. The discussion is therefore based on the
chemical constitution of polymers, with particular emphasis on the additivity principle. The author demonstrates
most convincingly, drawing extensively on his own work,
how it is possible to calculate, or at any rate estimate, many
of the characteristics of a polymer from the physical data
for the monomers, and even for the groups of molecules
forming them. For this procedure the book offers a large
number of clearly arranged tables and diagrams with the
various monomer and polymer characteristics. At the
same time, the author points out the limitations of the
additivity principle, e.g. in the case of strength data and in
the domain of crystalline polymers.
Quantitative relationships are given without derivations
-the reader will find detailed references to the literaturebut in a form such that they can be used directly for
calculation. The many approximation formulas and rules
of thumb should prove particularly useful in practice.
Applications are illustrated in the form of problems, and
the reader can test his knowledge by referring to the solutions. Whereas defined physical properties always receive
detailed treatment, technological characteristics such as
readiness to pick up an ‘electrostatic charge, slip-stick
behavior, or abrasion resistance take up relatively little
space, no doubt a clear sign of the limited extent of our
present knowledge concerning these aspects, despite their
practical importance.
The Condensed Chemical Dictionary. By G. G. Hawley.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Comp., London 1971,8th Edit.,
ix, 971 pp., bound f 13.75.
It should be stated at the outset that this “dictionary”,
which first appeared over 70 years ago has the character
of a handbook listing materials (defined compounds,
commercial products, alloys), specialized terms, and
potted biographies of prominent chemists from the past.
The book contains a total of 18000 entries.
The explanations are sufficiently detailed and lucid.
Against compounds the reader will find-where knownsynonyms, linearized structural formula, properties (color,
state, m.p. and/or b.p., solubility), occurrence or prepara.
tion, transportability, and hazards (toxicity, flammability).
The composition of commercial products is described and
the supplier is named. A list of suppliers is given at the
end of the book. Examination of this list shows that it
consists almost exclusively of American-based companies.
The brief description of “leading” scientific societies are
restricted to American organizations, and the biographies
of deceased chemists fail to include Nobel Prize Winners
such as Wallach, Werner, Willstatter, and others. The
technical terms listed are intended primarily for the
practical chemist. One does not find the specialized terms
used in theoretical chemistry and process technology.
The 8th edition devotes particular attention to chemical and
biological aspects of environmental pollution and its
On the inside cover the hook is recommended its an
indispensable aid to all chemists. This assertion may be
questioned, in view of the shortcomings referred to. However, anyone interested in the American market will undoubtedly find useful information in it. The practical
chemist, too, may find this book a useful addition to his
reference library.
Christian Weiske [ N B 126 IE]
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