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Book Review The Kinetic Isotope Method and its Application. By M. B. Neiman and D. Gl

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The first volume deals with a number of fields that have
been neglected until now, such as the dynamics of fermentation liquids, separation of microorganism cells from the
culture medium, kinetics of the degradation of cellulose
by cellulase, production and use of microbial enzymes,
regulation mechanisms in the microorganism cell and their
effect on the overproduction of metabolites and enzymes,
and the microbial production of biomass from hydrogen
and carbon dioxide and from liquid and solid hydrocarbons.
This newly started series, which is unique in its field at
present, is extremely welcome as an ambitious and up-todate reference work for biotechnologists. The chapters
in the first volume are clearly arranged, and together with
the carefully compiled list of references, they provide a
complete survey both of the development of the subject
in question and of its present state.
It is to be hoped that this series, which also provides
the interested student with a good introduction to biotechnology, will be continued in a similar manner.
The book will undoubtedly be a very useful acquisition
for the specialist who is interested in the practical examples
provided. It seems less suitable for scientists or students
approaching this field for the first time.
K . H . Lieser
[NB 149 IE]
Advances in Catalysis, Vol. 23. Edited by D. 0. Eley, H.
Pines, and P . B. Weisz.Academic Press, New Y ork-London 1973. x, 352 pp., bound S 19.00.
The Kinetic Isotope Method and its Apptication. By M .
B. Neiman and D. G d . Elsevier Publishing Company,
Amsterdam-London-New York 1971. 1st ed., xii,
309 pp., numerous figures and tables, bound 8 26.50.
Confents:Metal Catalyzed Skeletal Reactions of Hydrocarbons; Specificity in Catalytic Hydrogenolysis by Metals;
The Chemisorption of Benzene; The Electronic Theory
of Photocatalytic Reactions on Semiconductors; Cycloamyloses as Catalysts; Pi and Sigma Transition Metal Carbon Compounds as Catalysts for the Polymerization of
Vinyl Monomers and Olefins.
The central themeofthis book is the kinetic isotope method
developed by Neiman for the investigation of chemical
reactions, and later successfully used by G d .
Radiation Chemistry of Macromolecules, Vol. 2. By M .
Dole. Academic Press, New York, London 1973. xvii,
406 pp., bound 8 25.00.
The theoretical principles are described in the first three
chapters, and practical examples are discussed in detail in
Chapters 4 - 10. Very many data from original publications
are used for this purpose.
Contents: Radiation Chemistry of Substituted Vinyl
Polymers; Radiation Chemistry of Some Miscellaneous
Polymers; The Effect of Radiation on Oxidation, Mechanical Properties, and Physical State; Macromolecules of Biological Interest.
Peter Rapp
[NB 147 IE]
As early as Chapter 1, the reader is confronted with a
very complicated example of the use of the kinetic isotope
method. This example does not seem particularly suitable
for demonstrating the use of the method, particularly since
many assumptions are made. Chapters 2 and 3 present a
very formal but nevertheless very consistent account of the
method. From page 36 (Chapters 4 et seq.), particular
examples are discussed in detail: reactions in open systems
(Chapter 4), thermal decomposition reactions (Chapter 5),
oxidation of hydrocarbons in the gas phase (Chapter 6),
free-radical reactions (Chapter 7), oxidation reactions in
the liquid phase (Chapter 8), heterogeneous catalysis
(Chapter 9), applications in biochemistry (Chapter 10).
Synergetics. Cooperative Phenomena in Multi-Component
Systems. Edited by H . Haken. B. G. Teubner, Stuttgart
1973. 279 pp., stitched DM 54.-.-Proceedings
of the
Symposium on Synergetics, April 30 to May 6, 1972,
Schloss Elmau.
Photochemistry IV. Edited by International Union of Pure
and Applied Chemistry, Division of Organic Chemistry.
Butterworths, London 1973. vi, 410 pp., bound E 6.80.Plenary Lectures from the 4th International Symposium
on Photochemistry, July 1 t S 2 2 , 1972, Baden-Baden.
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit.
Val. 12 (1973)
1 No. 9
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