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Book Review The Radiation Chemistry of Water. By I. G. Dragani and Z. D. Dragani

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significant position in organoelement chemistry thanks to
the technical breakthrough of organosilicon chemistry,
may surprise the reader not familiar with the growth rate
of its literature by now having an entire book published on
only two special groups of compounds, i.e. organo derivatives of silicon and phosphorus and of silicon and sulfur.
This is a very concisely arranged and instructively written
book by authors who have themselves made substantial
contributions in this field and in whose country this branch
of chemistry receives particular attention. The first 140
pages are devoted to the chapter on organosilicon derivatives of phosphorus, and a further 176 pages to the chapter
on organosihcon derivatives of sulfur, both chapters being
divided into sections according to characteristic bonds,
1’. y. Si-0-P,
and Si-S-H,-S-C,
These sections begin with preparative
methods; a few examples are used for the discussion of
the behavior of the classes of substances in question, and
the physical data for the various compounds are given,
mostly in tabulated form
As a result, the picture of the organoelement compounds
from this part of the periodic system has been rounded
off,analogies and relationships have come out, and differences have become less pronounced. The book will be
rewarding both to the fundamental scientist and to those
active in this field; it has much to offer to the advanced
student also.
Walter Simmler [NB 161 IE]
Reaction Mechanisms in Sulfuric Acid and other Strong
Acid Solutions. By M . Liler. Academic Press, LondonNew York 1971. 1st ed., xiii, 350 pp., numerous figures
and tables, bound E 6.-.
The investigation of organic compounds in very strong
acids has been carried on intensively during the past few
years and has led to a whole series of unique findings.
A comprehensive monograph on the reaction behavior
of mainly organic substances in sulfuric acid, which is
probably the most versatile and the most interesting of
the strong acids from the historical point of view, is therefore very welcome.
After a brief historical introduction, the first section deals
with the physical (density, viscosity, conductivity, efc.),
thermodynamic (phase transitions, heat capacity, etc.), and
spectroscopic (Raman, IR, UV, NMR) properties of sulfuric
acid/water mixtures. The section ends with a brief discussion of dideutero and 35S-sulfuric acid (25 pp.). The second
section is devoted to the acidity functions. The acidity
functions for simple protonations, protonations of olefins,
and complex ionizations are considered. The individual
acidity functions (Ho, Hb, HA,H,, H,, H,, etc.) and their
physical significance are then briefly discussed (33 pp.).
The third section deals u;
i the protonation of very weak
bases, the experimental methods for the determination
of basicity in sulfuric acid being discussed in the first
part and individual classes of compounds with nitrogen,
phosphorus, oxygen, e’rc. as the basic center, as well as
basic hydrocarbons, in the second part (86 pp.). Complex
ionizations of organic and inorganic substances (determination and discussiw of their i factors) are the subject
of the fourth sectiok ‘?The fifth and final section takes
u p about half of the book (139 pp.) and has the same
title as the book itself. After a general discussion of the
main reaction types in strongly acidic solutions, individual
classes such as hydrolysis, hydration, isomerizations and
rearrangements, decarbonylation and decarboxylation.
electrophilic aromatic substitution, and special cases of
carbonium ion reactions are discussed.
On the whole the book gives a good and comprehensive
survey of reactions in sulfuric acid, the emphasis generally
being placed on quantitative aspects. Preparative problems
are left somewhat in the background. In the discussion
of cyclizations in strong sulfuric acid, for example, a
comparison with hydrogen fluoride or polyphosphoric acid
would have been valuable to the organic chemist. In the
discussion of the reactions of azides, one finds no reference
to the extensive work of Bamberger on the decomposition
of aryl azides in strong acids.
Hans-Jiiryen Hunsen [NB 165 IE]
The Radiation Chemistry of Water. By 1. G. DraganiF
and 2. D. Drugunic:. Academic Press, London-New York
1971. 1st ed., xi, 242 pp,, numerous figures and tables,
bound $ 14.-.
Great advances, resulting in numerous publications, have
been achieved in the field of the radiation chemistry of
water during the past ten years, mainly through the discovery of the hydrated electron and the development of
the pulse radiolysis technique.
Much of the recent knowledge is surveyed in the present
monograph, which is strictly confined to the radiation
chemistry of liquid water. The authors link up with an
account by A . 0. Allen, which has been one of the standard
works on radiation chemistry for ten years.
The book is divided into eight chapters. It begins with
a survey of the last 70 years in the radiation chemistry
of water. The physical processes involved in the absorption
of radiation in water are discussed in detail. Chapters
3 and 4aredevoted to the properties and chemical reactions
of the primary radicals produced by radiation, i.e. the
hydrated electrons, hydrogen atoms, and hydroxyl radicals.
These two central chapters are unfortunately very incomplete, and clarity is lost through the repetition of historical
The radiation-chemical yield (G value) of primary radicals
and molecular products (HZand H 2 0 2 ) as a function
of pH, pressure, temperature, LET, and dose rate has
a chapter to itself. This is followed by a discussion of
a number of new diffusion-kinetic models with a comparison of data obtained theoretically and experimentally. The
book ends with a survey of experimental methods (radiation sources, pulse radiolysis technique, sample preparation, etc.) and dosimetry in water and with aqueous solutions.
The long compilation of original literature, which- is cornplete up to 1967 but covered only in part up to 1969,
must be specially msotioned, as well as the chapters on
the radiatio&&emickl yield and on the diffusion-kinetic
mod&. Another commendable feature is the summary
that precedes each chapter, from which the main ideas
can be repeatedly picked out, and which pleasantly break
up the description, which is otherwise rigorous and often
goes into great detail. The book will undoubtedly be useful
to the specialist and to the interested scientist.
Klaus Eiben [NB 168 IE]
Angew. Chum. inrrmar. Edit.
1 Vol. 12 (1973) I No.
Water Analysis; Electrochemical Techniques in Water
Crundlagender Mathematik. Eine Einfuhrung in die mathematischen Methoden. (Principles of Mathematics. An
Introduction to Mathematical Methods.) By F . H . Yotrrzg.
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim-John Wiley & Sons, New
York 1973. xii, 405 pp., bound DM 44.-.
College Chemistry. By G. B. King, W. E. Caldwell, and
M . B . Williurizs. 6th Edit. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York-Cincinnati-ToronteLondonMelbourne 1972. ix, 696 pp., bound E 5.65.
Analytical Chemistry of Fluorine. By”. S. Nikolaer, S.
N . Sitrorora, E. I. Gurocich, I. Peka, and E . K . Korchemna~u.From the series “Analytical Chemistry of the
Elements”. Halsted Press, a Division of John Wiley &
Sons, New York 1973. xiv, 222 pp., bound f 9.35.
Coriterits: Physicochemical and Analytical Description of
Fluorine and Fluorine Compounds; Chemical and Physical
Methods for the Determination of Fluorine; Separation
of Fluorine; Determination of Fluorine in Natural and
Industrial Products ;Determination of Fluorine in Actinide
Compounds; Determination of Fluorine in Water, Air
and Biological Objects ; Determination of Elementary
Fluorine in Gases; Determination of Fluorine, Hydrogen
Fluoride, and Impurities in Hydrofluoric Acid and in
Liquid Hydrogen Fluoride.
Modern Inorganic Chemistry. By J . H . Lagowski. Marcel
Dekker, New York 1973. xiii, 806 pp., bound $ 13.75.
Contents: Atoms and Their Characteristics; Ionic Compounds: Covalent Compounds; Theories of Bonding; Hydrogen; Solvent Properties of Covalent Hydrides; Alkali
Metals; Alkaline-Earth Metals; Group I11 Representative
Elements; Group IV Elements; Group V Elements; Group
VI Elements;The Halogens; The Rare Gases; The Transition Elements; Transition-Metal Complexes: Theoretical
Aspects; Organic Derivatives of the Transition Metals.
Grundriss der Biochemie. Fur Studierende der Medizin,
Zahnmedizin und Naturwissenschaften. By E. Buddecke.
3rd Edit. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin-New York 1973.
xxxii, 515 pp., stitched DM 29.50.
Ultrarotspektroskopische Untersuchungen an Polymeren.
(Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations on Polymers). By
J . Drchanr. Akademie-Verlag, Berlin 1972. xi, 516 pp.,
bound DM 93.--.
Cotztmts: General Principles of Infrared Spectroscopy;
Theory of Infrared Spectroscopy; Experimental Methods
of Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations on Polymers; Special Problems of Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations of
Polymers: Results of Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations
on Special Polymers.
Water and Water Pollution Handbook, Vol. 4. Edited by
L. L. Ciuccio. Marcel Dekker, New York 1973. xi, 1945
pp., bound % 29.50.
Conrents: Determination of Minor Metallic Elements in
the Water Environment; Determination of Radioactive
Nuclides in Water; Monitoring of Water Systems; Automated and Instrumental Methods in Water Analysis; Gas
Chromatographic Analysis of Water and Waste Waters;
Mass Spectrometry in Water Analysis; Infrared Spectroscopy in Water Analysis; Luminescence Techniques in
AII~CM’. Chrrn. inrernar. E d i t .
1 L ~ J / 12 ( 1 9 7 3 ) 1 N o .
Contents: Historical Development; Numbers and Number
Systems; Set Theory and Logic; Divisibility; Analytical
Geometry; Functions; Differential and Integral Calculus;
Vectors and Matrices; Computers.
Lebensmittel-Fortschritte in der Verfahrenstechnikder Le
bensmittelverarbeitung (Foods-Advances in the Technology of Food Processing). Dechema-Monograph No.
1327-1 350 (Vol. 70). Edited by Deutsche Gesellschaft
fur Chemisches Apparatewesen. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1972.429 pp., bound DM 110.--. 24 lectures, delivered to the 4. European Symposium “LebensmittelFortschritte in der Verfahrenstechnik der Lebensmittelverdrbeitung mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der
Proteine, Enzyme und Aromen”, October 25-28, 1971,
in Frankfurt.
Carbenes, Vo. 1. Edited by M . ]ones, J r , and R . A. h.los\.
John Wiley & Sons, New York, London, Sydney, Toronto 1973.356 pp., bound g 12.50.
Contents; Carbenes from Diazo Compounds; The Application of Relative Reactivity Studies to the Carbene Olefin
Addition Reaction ; Generation of Carbenes by Photochemical Cycloelimination Reactions.
Mass Spectrometry, Vol. 2. By 0. H . Wi’ilk‘ams.The Chemical Society, London 1973. xi, 356 pp., bound E 8.00.-A
volume in the series “Specialist Periodical Reports”.
Organic Phosphorus Compounds, Vol. 1. Edited by G . M.
Kosolupofund L. Maier. Wiley-Interscience, New York,
London, Sydney, Toronto 1972. xiii, 545 pp., bound
E 13.25.
Conrerzts: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Phosphines;
Organophosphorous-Metal Compounds; Biphosphines,
Triphosphines; Tetraphosphines, Cyclopolyphosphines,
and Corresponding Oxides, Sulfides, and Selenides; Phosphine Complexes with Metals.
Magnetochemie. Crundlagen und Anwendungen. (Magnetochemistry. Principles and Applications). By A. Wriss
and H . W’iffe.Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1973. ix, 281
pp., bound DM 59.-.
Conrenrst Physical Principles o f Magnetochemistry: Measuring Methods; Diamagnetism ; Paramagnetism ;Cooperative Phenomena ; Examples of Application of Magnetochemistry to Chemical Problems.
Current Problems in Electrophotography. Edited by W F .
Berg and K . Haufle. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin-New
York 1972. xv, 387 pp., stitched DM 140.-.-Lectures
delivered to the 3rd European Colloquium, Zurich,
August 1971.
Chemical Thermodynamics, Vol. 1. By M . L. McGlushan.
The Chemical Society, London 1973. xii, 362 pp., bound
E 8.00.-A volume in the series “Specialist Periodical
Developments in Inorganic Nitrogen Chemistry, Vol. 2.
Edited by C. B. Colburn. Elsevier Scientific Publishing
Company, Amsterdam-London-New
York 1973. x,
228 pp., bound Dfl. lOO.OO/S 31.25.
Contmts: Reactions of Nitrogen(l1) Oxide; The Chemistry
of Dinitrogen Pentoxide; Nitrogen Compounds of Chlorine, Bromide and Iodine.
The Isoquinoline Alkaloids. Chemistry and Pharmacology.
By M . Shamma. Volume 25 of the series “Organic
Chemistry”. Academic Press, New York-LondonVerlag Chemie, Weinheim 1972. xviii, 594 pp., bound
DM 122.--.
Gmelins Handbuch der anorganischen Chemie. 8th Edit.,
part B 4 Niob, System No. 49. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim
1973. xxiv, 473 pp., bound DM 641.-.
Contents: Oxoniobate der Alkalimetalle; Niobverbindungen mit weiteren Kationen und Anionen; Kohlenstoffverbindungen des Niob.
IndustrielleDestillation. By R . Billet. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1973. xi, 502 pp., bound DM 108.-.
Contents: Die Verfahren der thermischen Fliissigkeitszerlegung; Thermodynamische Grundlagen der Gemische;
Kontinuierlich arbeitender Rektifizierapparat; Diskontinuierlich arbeitender Rektifizierapparat; Semi-kontinuierlich arbeitender Rektifizierapparat; Verfahrenstechnische
Bewertung, Kostenoptimierung und AuswahI von Kolonneneinbauten; Optimierung der Trennungen; Unterlagen
zur Dimensionierung von Trennkolonnen; Partielle Destillation; Partielle Kondensation; Destillation in Laboratoriums- und Technikumskolonnen; Molekulardestillation;
Zubehor von Trennanlagen; Einsatz von Computern.
Laboratory Experiments in College Chemistry. By G. B.
King, W E. Caldwell, and M . B. Williams. 3rd Edit.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York-Cincinnati-Toront+London-Melbourne
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Spectroscopy and Kinetics. Edited by J . S. Mattson, H .
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8 19.75.
Organic Functional Group Preparations, Vol. 3. By S. R.
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Contents: Acetals and Ketals; Anhydrides; Monoalkyl Sulfates; Sulfenic Acids and Sulfenic Acid Derivatives; Isonitriles; Amidines; Imidines; Imidates ;Nitrones; Hydroxylamines and Substituted Hydroxylamines ; Oximes ; Hydroxamic Acids ; Thiohydroxamic Acids.
Zerkleinern. Dechema Monograph No. 1292-1 326 (Vol.
69). Edited by Deutsche Gesellschaft f i r Chemisches
Apparatewesen. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1972. Two
parts having a total of 948 pp., bound DM 192.50.-35
Lectures and discussions held at the 3rd European Symposium on “Size Reduction” October 5-8, 1971 at Cannes.
Electronic Transitions and the High Pressure Chemistry
and Physics of Solids. By H . G. Drickumer and C . W
Frank. From the series “Studies in Chemical Physics”.
Edited by A. D. Buckingham. Chapman and Hall, London
1973. x, 220 pp., bound f 5.00.
Contents: Introduction ; Theories of Electronic Energy
Levels in Molecules and Solids; Thermal Versus Optical
Transitions; Phenomenological Description of Continuous
Electronic Transitions; Methods for Studying Electronic
Structure at Very High Pressure; Shifts of Energy Levels
with Pressure; Electronic Transitions in Metals and Insulator-Metal Transitions; Spin Changes in Iron Complexes;
The Reduction of Ferric Iron; Changes of Oxidation State
and Spin State; Reactions in Aromatic Molecules and
Die Struktur der Proteine. By H . Fasoid. Vol. 12 of the
series “Chemische Taschenbiicher”. Edited by W Foerst
and H . Griinewald. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1972. x,
298 pp., stitched D M 32.--.
Contents: Aminosauren und Peptide; Verfahren zur Reinigung und Charakterisierung der Proteine; Aufklarung der
Primarstruktur; Raumstruktur der Peptidketten (Sekundar- und Tertiarstruktur); Quartarstruktur von Proteinen;
Evolution eines Proteinmolekiils und Determination seiner
Tertiar- und Quartarstruktur; Denaturierung von
Proteinen; Enzyme; Beispiele einiger Proteinfamilien.
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