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Book Review The Structure of Small Molecules. By W. J. Orville-Thomas

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The Structure of Small Molecules. By W. J . Orville-Thomas.
Series of monographs: Principles of Modern Chemistry.
Elsevier Publishing Company. Amsterdam-New York 1966.
1st ed., vii, 189 pp., 5 5 illustrations, bound, Dutch fl. 26.This book is the first of a series of monographs intended to
serve as a basis for a one-semester course of two lectures a
The volume is specially concerned with the use of quanturnchemical concepts to obtain an understanding of the electronic structure and bonds in “small” polyatomic molecules,
i.e. those containing up to about 5 atoms. ‘Though this js a
very narrow selection from the entire field of application of
quantum chemistry, it is justified methodically. The models
suitable for these molecules, with their wide range mcom
position and geometry, indeed are different from those used
e.g. for the rather uniform group of the planar aromatic
The treatment is aimed at chemists. The Huckel version of
the molecular orbital method (HMO method) is used. A short
introduction is followed by sections on the basic concepts of
the chemical bond and the properties of such bonds (bond
lengths, angles, and energies, force constants, and bond
moments) and another section giving a survey (though only
rudimentary) of quantum mechanics. This is followed by a
section on stereochemistry and its quantum-chemical interpretation, and a final chapter (which in the reviewer’s opinion
is the most interesting) on the electronic structures of a large
number of individual molecules, organized on the basis of a
theoretical ordering principle. The substance index is also very
The book is not very suitable as a n introduction to quantum
chemistry as a whole, nor is it intended as such. However, it
does provide a source of information o n the numerous molecules with which it deals.
W. A . Binge1 [NB 521 IE]
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit.
1 Vol. 6 (1967) / No. I
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