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Book Review Titrationen in nichtwssrigen Medien (Titrations in Non-aqueous Media). By I. Gyenes

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which it acts either as an electron acceptor or an electrophile. Typical examples are those given in the accompanying scheme.
Other examples mentioned are Beckmann rearrangements
and rearrangements of epoxides into ketones. [Recent
Developments in Organic Synthesis in Liquid Sulfur Dioxide. Synthesis 1971,639-645 ;56 references]
hydroxy compounds, sulfinic acids, thioles, amines, NH
acidic compounds, organophosphorus compounds, Grignard reagents, active methylene- and methine compounds,
aromatics, phenols, and N,N-dialkylanilines. Bis(sulfeny1
chlorides) such as (I), a-chlorocarbonylsulfenyl chlorides
[Rd 471 IE -MI
The stereochemistry of cobalt complexes with flexible tetradentate ligands is the subject of a review by G. R. Brubaker,
D. P . Schaefer, 3. H . Worrell, and 3. I . Legg. The ligands
treated are tetraamines and dithiadiamines with their donor
atoms located in a straight chain, and ethylenediamine-N,l
diacetate. The preparation of stereoisomers and the determination of their configurations, especially by the measurement of circular dichroism or optical rotatory dispersion, are described in detail. The importance of cobalt
complexes of these ligands is due to their comparatively
high kinetic stability against substitution reactions ; it is
conceivable, therefore, that knowledge gained from the
study of cobalt complexes can be used for the determination of configurations of other transition metal complexes
which cannot be isolated readily. [Complexes of Cobalt(II1)
with Flexible Tetradentate Ligands. Coord. Chem. Rev. 7,
161-195 (1971); 102 references, 8 figures, 10 tables]
[Rd 477 IE -HI
Substitution and cyclization reactions of suifenyl halides are
treated comprehensively in a review by E. Kukle. The main
substitution reactions dealt with are the sulfenylations of
such as (2), and substituted chloromethanesulfenyl chlorides such as (3) undergo cyclization reactions. Experimental details are given for individual reactions. [One Hundred
Years of Sulfenic Acid Chemistry. Substitution and Cyclization Reactions of Sulfenyl Halides. Synthesis 1971, 617 to
638 ; 325 references]
[Rd 470 IE -MI
Titrationen in nichtwassrigen Medien (Titrations in Nonaqueous Media). By I. Gyenes. Ferdinand Enke Verlag,
Stuttgart 1970. 701 pp., 206 figs., 108 tables, DM 84.-.
The book opens with an exposition of the various acidbase theories, together with discussions on the problems of
acid and base strength and its dependence on the nature
of the solvent. This gives a basis on which the processes
occurring during titrations in nonaqueous media may be
explained (120 pages). Some 70 pages are devoted to the
solvents themselves, with particular reference to their
properties, their behavior, and their purification; the
titrants concerned, both acidic and basic, are dealt with
in 35 pages or so.
End-point determination in titrations takes 140 pages.
Descriptions are given of visual and photometric methods
using color indicators, and also instrumental methods
such as potentiometry, conductometry, oscillometry, voltametry, amperometry, and thermometry. In each case
particular attention is paid to examples of application,
withont going into the fundamentals of the method.
The titrations themselves occupy 250 pages. Details are
given of the determination of acidic substances, such as
acids, acid anhydrides, acyl, alkyl, and aralkyl halides,
enolic hydroxy and imide groups, phenolic and alcoholic
hydroxy groups, nitro compounds, and acid salts. In the
section on basic compounds, aliphatic, aromatic, and
cycloaliphatic nitrogen-containing compounds and their
salts are discussed. Methods are also given for the titration
of carbonyl groups, sulfur-containing compounds, and
This book has much of value to offer both to those concerned with theoretical aspects and those concerned with
practical aspects. The latter will find very many specific
analytical procedures and numerous useful tips. The book
can be warmly recommended to anyone concerned with
this subject area.
Giinther Kraft [NB 17 IE]
Chemistry of Acetylenes. By H. G. Viehe. Marcel Dekker
Inc., New York 1969, 1st edit., xv, 1298 pp., numerous
tables and formulas, bound, S 59.50.
This brilliantly successful book shows in clear and readily
comprehensible form the rich and diverse nature of acetyAngew. Chem. internat. Edit.
Vol. I 1 (1972) 1 No. 4
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