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Book Review Toxic Properties of Inorganic Fluorine Compounds. By R. Y. Eagers

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anticipate laws that are derived only in the volumes to be
published later.
The second half of the book deals with thermodynamics.
Though the layout differs only little from that of most textbooks on physical chemistry (first law, thermochemistry,
second and third laws, equilibria), the preceding introduction
to statistics is helpful, since the discussion of a thermodynamic quantity can be followed immediately by its statistical
The presentation of individual items of knowledge is deliberately avoided, and greater weight is placed instead on a
detailed discussion of the laws of physical chemistry and the
properties of the quantities described. This aim is reinforced
by numerous examples of calculations in the text and in problemsforpractice at the end of each section.
The presentation and type are clear, and the illustrations are
good. The book should make it easier for students to understand the thinking of physical chemistry.
Gerd Wedler [NB 899 IE]
Toxic Properties of Inorganic a u 6 t b e Compounds. By R . Y .
Eugers. Elsevier Publisning Company, AmsterdamLondon-New York 1969. 1st Edit. x, 152 pp., bound,
Dfl. 24.-.
This book differs fundamentally from the familiar Elsevier
Monographs on Industrial Toxic Agents edited by Ethel
Browning (e.g. Puttison: Toxic Aliphatic Fluorine Compounds, 1959). The difference is to be found not only in the
external format of 6 x 9 in. as against the earlier 5 x 71/2in.,
but also in the approach to the subject. Eugers confines his
attention essentially to cases of acute poisoning with inorganic fluorine compounds described in the literature,
mass poisoning due to confusion between baking powder,
etc. and fluorine compounds apparently being a subject of
special preoccupation with him. An interest in history is
evidenced in reports of cases of poisoning from the last
century and the first half of the present one. Practically the
only industrial poisonings described are those involving
hydrogen fluoride. When dealing with their prevention and
treatment the author also refers to more recent work. Regrettably, substances of such different toxicities as sulfur
hexafluoride (MAC 1000 ppm) and sulfur pentafluoride
(MAC 0.025 ppm) are referred to with merely the bare
statement of these figures, whereas in the case of the latter a
description should surely have been given of the fatal
accidents that had occurred. Even the highly toxic boron
trifluoride is no more than touched upon. Chronic and
endemic fluorine poisoning (affecting the bones and teeth) is
disposed of in 23 pages, and the effects on animals, insects,
plants, enzymes, and bacteria in 28 pages, mainlyin the form
of tables. The book does have a bibliography with 730
entries (476 of them concerned with effects on animals,
plants, enzymes, and bacteria!), but the authors are not
arranged alphabetically and the titles of the works cited are
not given. The Definition of Terms given on pages 2 and 3,
which includes explanations of such items as acute, chronic,
endemic, local, and systemic poisoning, makes one think
that the book is intended primarily for laboratory workers,
although the latter are hardly likely to be interested in the
historical aspects. The industrial toxicologist will be disappointed, especially if, like the reviewer, he was expecting a
continuation of the excellent Elsevier Monographs.
Heinz Oettel [NB 903 IE]
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