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Book Review Ullmanns Encyklopdie der technischen Chemie. Edited by E. Bartholom E. Biekert H. Hellmann H. Ley W. M. Weigert and E

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wish to relate the contents of lectures in physical chemistry
to other branches of chemistry.
However, the book cannot be recommended for beginners. To avoid presenting beginners’ lectures in this style,
the course of study would have to be redesigned to put the
physical-chemistry content at the start. However, this presupposes considerable mathematical knowledge, which
would have to be acquired at school level and/or in introductory pre-semester courses. - The book should stimulate us all to give careful thoughts to new ways of educating our future chemists.
W. A . P. Luck [NB 557 IE]
Ullmanns Encyklopadie der technischen Chemie. Edited by
E. Bartholome, E. Biekert, H. Hellmann, H . Ley f , W. M .
Weigert f , and E. Weise. Verlag Chemie, Weinheim
1981. 4th edition, Vol. 6: Umweltschutz und Arbeitssicherheit [Environmental Protection and Works Safety].
Volume editor: E. Weise. xvi, 830 pp., bound, DM
640.00.-Vol. 20: Radionuklide bis Schutzgase [Radionuclides to Protective Gases], xvi, 705 pp., bound, DM
With the appearance of these two volumes the 4th edition of Ullmann has come appreciably closer to completion: all the volumes of the general part are now available
and of the alphabetical part only four volumes are still
Volume 6 covers two areas in which considerable
changes have taken place in the last ten years. Whereas
these areas have always been of great importance to industrial chemists, the newly developed public sensitivity to
questions of ecology and safety have led to the situation
that the government has become increasingly involved in
this field by means of laws and decrees. As this development is still in full swing, it requires no particular foresight
to state that volume 6 of Ullmann will probably be the first
one to become out of date. This applies particularly to
those sections in which the legal prescriptions form the
starting point of the account of the subject, as in the chapter on safety techniques (I 10 pp.). In contrast to this, in the
majority of the chapters on environmental protection the
problems and their possible technical solution are in the
foreground. Particular mention must be made of the chapter on ecologically unobjectionable production processes
(67 pp.). After a short introduction, the volume begins with
four chapters on some general matters, namely ecology (22
pp.), legal principles (19 pp.), endangering of the environment (14 pp.), and toxicology (90 pp.). The already mentioned chapter on ecologically unobjectionable processes
is followed by individual areas of environmental protection, namely prevention of atmospheric pollution (96 pp.),
effluents (144 pp.), soil (61 pp.), wastes (99 pp. ), and noise
prevention (56 pp.). Corresponding to its importance, a relatively broad account is given of the biological treatment
of effluents; for example, nine different plants that have
been realized in practice are described. In comparison with
this, the anaerobic treatment of effluents, which is finding
increasing interest, is discussed relatively briefly. Here a
reference to “Methane” in vol. 16 would have been appropriate.
The coordination of the contributions to this volume
was particularly difficult because of the great breadth and
[*] See Angew. Chem. 94 (1982) 228, Angew. Chem. Inr. Ed. Engl. 21 (1982)
Angew. Chem. Inr. Ed. Engl. 21 (1982) No. 7
complexity of the field. It can nevertheless be stated that,
in spite of the very large number of participating authors
(about IOO), the editors have succeeded well in this task.
Volume 20, the second volume to be reviewed here, belongs to the alphabetical part of Ullmann. Accordingly, it
contains headings from a wide diversity of areas, for example nitric acid and related compounds (58 pp.), hydrochloric acid (12 pp.), oxygen and ozone (25 pp.), rhenium,
rubidium (including their compounds), resorcinol, salicyclic acid, saponins, and radionuclides (90 pp.), of which,
however, the most important-plutonium, thorium, the
transuranics and uranium-have their own headings. In
addition to these chemically oriented entries there are application-oriented ones: rocket fuels (22 pp.), reactive
dyestuffs (1 1 pp.), reduction (21 pp.), cleaning agents
(without detergents) (10 pp.), reproduction technology (22
pp.), reprography (10 pp.), scents and aromas (89 pp.), rodenticides used for plant protection, foam suppression,
foamed plastics (18 pp.), hypnotics (16 pp.), abrasion,
abrasives agents, and lubricants (215 pp.), chocolate (16
pp.), shoe-cleaning agents, and protective gases. These application-oriented entries obviously also contain a large
amount of chemistry; thus, under the heading of scents
and aromas some hundreds of compounds are described.
In the quality of presentation and in their arrangement
these two volumes are equivalent in every respect to those
already in existence. The amount of work that the authors,
editors, and publishers have put into them is shown by the
fact the preliminary work on the next (5th) edition of UIImann has already been started, even though the present
edition will not be completed before the end of next year.
The new edition will, moreover, be in English.
Uyert Onken [NB 566 IE]
Organische Spurenanalyse. By K. Beyermann. Thieme,
Stuttgart 1982. ca. 240 pp., bound, DM 98.00.--ISBN 313-617901-3
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indicufion fhereoL are not 10 be considered unpmrected b y law.
- Printed i n the Federal Republic of Germany by Zechnersche Buchdruckerei, Speyer/Rhein.
A l l rights reserved (including those o f translation into foreign languages). No part of this issue may be be reproduced in any form - by photoprint, microfilm, or any other means - nor transmit0 Verlag Chemie GmbH,
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Editorial office: Pappelallee 3. D-6940 Weinheim. Federal Republic of Germany, Telephone (06201) 602-1. Telex 465516 vchwh d.
Editor: 0.Smrekar, Translalion Editors: 1. G. N e i l and A. Srimsoa.
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Angew. Chem. Inr. Ed. Engl. 21 (1982) No. 7
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