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Book Review Ullmanns Encyklopdie der technischen Chemie. Edited by E. Bartholom E. Biekert H. Hellmann H. Ley (dec.) and W. M. Weigert. Vol

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Ullmanns Encyklopiidie der technischen Chemie. Edited by
E. Bartholomi, E. Biekert, H . Hellmann, H . Ley (dec.), and
W M . Weigert.Vol. 10:Dentalchemie bis Erdolverarbeitung.
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1976. 4th edit., xvi, 714 pp., 345
figs., 228 tables, half-linen, subscription price DM 345.-;
final price DM 385.-. Cumulative index to vols. 7 to 9;
133 pp., DM 38.-.
The present volume[*]of the new Ullmann is the fourth of
the alphabetically arranged main Parts dealing with the products and processes of the chemical industry and of related
important fields. A considerable proportion of this volume
is devoted to Natural Gas [Erdgas], Petroleum [Erdol], and
Petroleum Processing [Erdolverarbeitung] (excluding formation, exploration, occurrence, and recovery, which are dealt
with in volume 11; total 132 pp.), and to Iron and Iron
Compounds [Eisen, Eisenverbindungen] (together 124 pp.);
steels, steelmaking, iron alloys, and cast iron, however, are
not dealt with here but separately under their own headings.
Another extensive entry is Enzymes [Enzyme] (86 pp.), where
one chapter deals with the immobilized enzymes, which are
particularly important today; further chapters are devoted
to, inter alia, the industrial use of enzymes, enzyme analysis,
and enzyme therapy. Pharmacy in its wider sense is also
represented, viz. by Dental Chemistry [Dentalchemie] (27
pp.), Dermatological agents [Dermatotherapeutica] (9 pp.),
Disinfectants [Desinfektionsmittel] (1 8 pp.), Diagnostic agents
[Diagnostica] (38 pp.) and Diuretics [Diuretica] (6 pp.).
Among the entries on organic chemical precursors and intermediates included in this volume we may mention Dialkyl
Sulfates [Dialkylsulfate] (12 pp.), Dicarboxylic Acids [Dicarbonsauren] (9 pp.), Dioxane [Dioxan] (4 pp.), and Epoxides
[Epoxidverbindungen] (18 pp.), and from the sector of dyes
and precursors, we have Disperse Dyes [Dispersionsfarbstoffe]
(1 1 pp.), Printing Inks [Druckfarben] (13 pp.), as well as
Diazo Compounds and Diazo Reactions [Diazoverbindungen
und Diazoreaktionen] (24 pp.). Under Fertilizers [Dungemittell (56 pp.) are summarized mainly the various aspects of
industrial application; the technology of the production of
individual fertilizers is, however, described under the appropriate chemical keywords. Other applied fields dealt with
in this volume include Thin Layers [Dunne Schichten] (12
pp.), Enamels [Email] (14 pp.), and Emulsions [Emulsionen]
(25 PP.).
As in the previous volumes, the authors of the individual
articles are experts mainly from industrial circles. What should
be emphasized is the unfailing expertise of the editors in
achieving a balanced and clearly arranged presentation of
topics in spite of the by no means small number of authors.
Especially useful are the numerous charts containing, e. g.
material constants and economic data, as well as a list of
uses, as in the chart of fertilizer types (with data on composition
and application) and the two tables of radiopharmaceuticals
(though here the half-lives and energies of the individual isotopes would also have been useful). The work is up to date
too: in the entry on Noble Gases [Edelgase] (42 pp.) there
is a 1975 reference according to which krypton difluoride
and particularly [KrF] [AuF]; are extremely good fluorinating agents.
Alongside Volume 10 a cumulative index for the first‘ alphabetical Volumes 7 to 9 has been published in German and
English. It is planned to publish cumulative indexes immediately after the appearance of successive sets of three volumes,
i.e. the next cumulative index (for Volumes 7 to 12) will
be available with Volume 13. These cumulative indexes are
most useful for cross-referencing, for they are subdivided in
[*] Cf. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Eng!. 15,448 (1976).
great detail; for example, the present index lists about 9000
Ulfert Onken [NB 361 IE]
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