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Book Review Zement Herstellung und Eigenschaften (Manufacture and Properties of Cement) by F.

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Zement, Herstellung und Eigensehaften (Manufacture and
Properties of Cement) by F. Keil. Springer-Verlag, BerlinHeidelberg-New York, 1971. 1st ed., viii, 439 pp., 96 figs.,
bound, DM 88.-.
Most books on cement deal with the physical chemistry
of the manufacture and hardening of cement either in a
simple and readily understandable manner for technologists
or comprehensively for scientists. Keil's aim seems to have
been to do both. Though he says in the Preface that he has
omitted many details, the table of contents and about
900 references indicate that he has succeeded in giving the
fullest possible account ofpresent-day knowledgeofcement.
Physical Chemistry-An Advanced Treatise. Vol. I. By
H . Eyring, D . Henderson, and W. Jost. Academic Press,
New York-London, 1971. 1st ed., xxii, 659 pp., bound,
E 13.-.
This volume, which is the first of a work that is expected to
run to 11 volumes and of which a series of single volumes
have appeared during the past few years"', deals with the
thermodynamic principles in twelve sections written by
nine authors. This division into sections guarantees that
each section provides a good foundation and at the same
time takes the latest research results into account in its
A wide range of applications, such as interfacial thermodynamics, treatment of several simultaneous equilibria,
thermodynamics of extreme pressures and temperatures,
irreversible thermodynamics, and thermodynamics in
external fields are therefore discussed. A fundamental
section deals with the Second Law from the Caratheodory
standpoint; however, other fundamental questions such as
the problem of the unattainability of absolute zero and
the formalism of negative temperatures are afso discussed.
The first of the five chapters deals with the various types of
cement and their uses, besides explaining how to make
mortar and concrete. The second chapter, which is about
the chemistry of cement clinker, gives a concise description
of the reactions during the burning of cement clinker, the
properties of the clinker phases and the hydraulic additives,
as well as the products of the hydration of cement and the
processes involved in hardening. This is followed by an
account of the methods of investigation. The next two
chapters discuss the physical characteristics (structures,
strength, volume changes of hardened cement paste and
concrete, and the influence of temperature on setting) and
natural and technological effects (weathering and its
significance for the formation of the raw materials and in
connection with the chemical attack of concrete ;corrosion
and its prevention in steel reinforcing elements). The last
chapter describes the technology of cement manufacture
with particular emphasis on kiln processes and the topical
question of emission and immission.
In view of this diversity, it is not surprising that some
matters that are important to the applications receive rather
too little attention. These include the thermodynamic
phenomena in gravitational fields, which play a role in
meteorology and even in the theory of the constitution of
the stars. Certain areas of thermodynamics, on the other
hand, are dealt with more than once by different authors.
It is often too much to expect the editor to eliminate overlapping of this nature ; moreover, a section becomes too
difficult to read if it is necessary to refer too often to other
In just under 400 pages the author gives a complete picture
of the physical chemistry and the technology of cement and
the main properties of mortar and concrete. This book
therefore enables students and technologists who prefer a
clear and concise account to acquire an up-to-date knowledge of cement. The scientist will find this book interesting
mostly because it is based on the literature and so it gives
an excellent brief and objective account of all the main
results, including the most recent ones. It will be an
indispensable reference work for all those who are involved
in the research and development of cement.
The presentation naturally differs from section to section,
but it is always sufficiently clear to enable the reader to
follow the course of developments without too much
difficulty. The main advantage of the presentation lies in
the fact that the reader is brought abreast with present-day
research, and an extensive bibliography makes it easy to
find further information where the book lacks space for
detailed discussions. The work can therefore be wholeheartedly recommended to all those who are interested in
gaining a more thorough knowledge of thermodynamics,
particularly for their own research work.
113 Cf. Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. 10, 587 (1971).
Klaus Schiifer [NB 75 IE]
F. W . Locher [NB 84 IE]
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Angew. Chem. internat. Edit. / Vol. 1 I (1972) / No. I I
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