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Biorhythms and epilepsy. Edited by A. Martins da Silva C. D. Binnie and H. Meinardi New York Raven 1985 238 pp illustrated $42

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Bacterial Meningitis. Contemporary Issues in Infectious
Diseases-Vol 3
Edited by M . A. Sand, A. L. Smith, and R. R. K. Root
New York, Churchill, 1985
272 pp, illustrated, $40.00
Neurotransmitterst,Seizures, and Epilepsy 111
Edited by G. Nistico, P. L. Morselli, K. G. Lloyd, R. G . Fanello,
and J . Engel
New York, Raven, 1986
525 pp, illustrated, ;870.50
Biorhythms and Epilepsy
Edited by A. Martins dz Silva, C. D. Binnie, and H. Meinardi
New York, Raven, 1985
238 pp, illustrated, $42.00
Neurotrauma: Treatment, Rehabilitation and Related
Edited by M . E. Miner and K. A. Wagner
Stoneham, Butterworth, 1986
258 pp, illustrated, $34.95
Circadian Rhythms in the Central Nervous System
Edited by P. H. Redfern, 1. C. Campbell,J . A. Dauies,
and K. F . Martin
Deerfield Beach, V.C.H., 1986
270 pp, illustrated, $59.SO
Optic Neuritis
Edited by R. F. Hess and G. T. Plant
New York, Cambndi;e, 1986
310 pp, illustrated, 4169.50
Disorders of Posture and Gait
Edited by W . Bles and T. H. Brandt
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1986
392 pp, illustrated, $92.50
Recent Achievements in Restorative Neurology:
Progressive Neuromuscular Diseases, Vol 2
Edited by M. R. Dimitnyevic, B. A. Kakulas, and G. Vrbwa
New York, Kargw, 1986
360 pp, illustrated
Dyskinesia-Research and TreatmentPsychopharmacology Supplementum 2
Edited by D. E. Casg, T . N.Chase, A . V . Christensen,
andJ. Gwkcb
Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 1986
230 pp, illustrated
Intracranial Pressure, Vol 4
Edited by J . D. Miller. G. M. Teasdale,J . 0.Rowan,
S. L. Galbraith, and A. D. Mendelow
Berlin, Springer-Vwlag, 1986
798 pp, illustrated
Kindling, Vol 3
Edited by J . A. Wada
New York, Raven, 1986
576 pp, illustrated, $74.00
Neuroendocrine Perspectives, Vol 4
Edited by E. E. Muller, R. M . MacLeod, and L. A. Frohman
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1985
301 pp, illustrated, $65.00
Vol 22
No 5
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
Edited by F . Bergmini, C. A. Defanti, and P. Fewante
New York, Excerpta “Medica,1986
422 pp, illustrated, $81.50
The Rett Syndrome
Edited by J . M . Opitz, J . F. Reynolds, L. M . Spano,
and H . W . Moser
New York, Alan R. Liss, 1986
415 pp, illustrated, $79.50
Topographic Mapping of Brain Electrical Activity
Edited by F. H. DuBy
Stoneham. Butterwort,b, 1986
428 pp, illustrated, $49.95
Neural Regulation of Brain Circulation
Edited by C. Owman and J. E. Hardebo
Amsterdam, E/smier, 1986
648 pp, illustrated, $1 70.00
672 Annals of Neurology
Recent Developments in Parkinson’s Disease
Edited by S. Fahn, C. D. Mardsen, P. Jenner, and P. Tgchennc
New York, Raven P m s , 1986
3 75 pp, illustrated
Trauma of the Central Nervous System-Seminars
Neurological Surgery
Edited by R. G. Dacty, Jr, H. R. Winn, R. W . Rimel,
andJ. A. Jane
New York, Raven Press, 1985
359 pp, illustrated, $69.50
November 1987
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meinardi, biorhythms, illustrated, silva, new, epilepsy, martin, york, edited, rave, binnie, 1985, 238
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