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Bones Treasuries of human experience in time and space. Vol. 1 1988. Utrecht The Netherlands Rijksuniversiteit. 1988. 93 pp. figures tables 30 guilders ca. $15.00 U.S

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Plots of “canonical variates” and “high
dimensional plots” often visually support
his claims but sometimes blatantly contradict them. But one wonders about these
“plots” when his bar graphs are so misrepresented.
I agree that species of Australopithecus
were highly arboreal, as well as bipedal
when on the ground, but this is hardly a
reason for putting them out of our ancestry.
I have long thought Gigantopithecus was
closely allied to hominids but would hardly
suggest they might be “monogamous” a n d
have the “human type of cooperative endeavor . . .” (p. 259). Aside from partial
agreement with these two points, I see little
else of value in this book. Many of my colleagues will find even less.
Department of Anthropology
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington
EXPERIENCE docent” (the dead as our teachers). AnthropoIN TIMEAND SPACE. vol. 1,1988. Utrecht,
osteology is proposed as a link between
The Netherlands: Rijksuniversiteit. 1988. archeology and modern medical science and
93 pp., figures, tables, 30 guilders, ca. a means of demonstrating the significance
$15.00 U.S. (paper).
of excavated skeletal remains to archeologists who have largely ignored them in The
Netherlands and elsewhere.
This volume is actually a newsletter, the
Two papers in paleopathology report a
first of a proposed yearly issue produced by tenth century case of diffuse idiopathic
a new Department of Anthropo-osteology of skeletal hyperostosis (DISH), recently excathe Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. The depart- vated in the Netherlands, and difficulties in
ment is described as a “multidisciplinary recognizing a n d describing the lesions of
structure . . . founded around the osteology cranial syphilis. The latter depends heavily
section of John Huizinga’s former Institute on C.J. Hackett’s Diagnostic Criteria of
of Human Biology.” The newsletter is in- Syphilis, Yaws and Treponarid (Treponematended to stimulate contact with physicians, toses) and Some Other Diseases in Dry Bones
archeologists, dentists, biochemists, paleon- (for Use in Osteo-Archaeology) (Springertologists, forensic scientists, and others who Verlag, Berlin and New York, 1976). A third
“try to contribute to modern science by paper briefly reports specimens of bone
uncovering the treasures of human expe- pathology in the Institute of Pathology,
Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht.
rience archived in skeletal remains.”
The newsletter resembles a typeset acaContributing to paleogenetics, there is a
demic journal and consists of ten articles by paper describing the extraction of osteocaldifferent authors, most with abstracts, key cin (bone Gla-protein) from excavated huwords, and/or references. They cover aspects m a n bone following a n earlier successful
of paleopathology, paleogenetics, paleo-odon- application of the process to 13 million-yeartology, paleontology, the history of medi- old bovid bones. Paleo-odontology is served
cine, and skeletal collections from The Neth- by a short comparative report on the freerlands. One article reports a n experiment quencies of caries, periapical lesions, a n d
in extra sensory perception t h a t used human antemortem tooth loss in three archeologiand animal bones for object reading by cal series.
three psychics.
One paper is devoted to the history of
An introductory article defines anthropo- medicine. It reports a n apparently trepanned
osteology a n d the contributions of each dis- skull fragment found in North-Holland.
cipline noted above. It emphasizes the What makes this piece particularly unusual
importance of a multidisciplinary approach is the presence of a n embedded iron pin or
to the analysis of skeletal remains a n d screw, the nature and function of which are
seconds the motto of the Detroit-based Paleo- unresolved.
Rounding out the articles in the newsletpathology Association, “mortui viventes
ter is a report of three Palaeolithic fossilized
human bones discovered in Sardinia in
1983-1985. They included a temporal bone,
a n upper jaw, and a proximal ulna fragment.
While journal-like in format, the articles
vary in detail and completeness, as might be
expected in a newsletter. Skeletal biologists
in North America and elsewhere will find
the volume useful for information on research in The Netherlands. I hope that the
first volume does attain its goal of stimulat-
ing contact with professionals outside of
skeletal biology, and that physicians, dentists, biochemists, forensic scientists, and
archeologists will contribute their thoughts,
research efforts, and requirements to future
Morrison, DA (1988) The Kugaluk Site and
the Nuvorugmiut: The Archaeology and
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Bibliography of Population Biology, Health
and Illness. Ottawa: The National Museums of Canada; distributed by the University of Chicago Press, 564 pp. $29.95
Archaeological Survey of Canada
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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