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Brief Reviews.

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Brief Reviews
Head Injury
By Louis Bakay and Franz E. Gfasauer
Little, Brouvi and Company, Bostnn, 1980
445 pages, illustrated, $28.95
Mryer, P , and Schmztt, H (edri, Nervous System a n d
Hypertension. New Yol-k,John W d e y 6 Sonr, 1979
This text by Bakay and his colleagues from the State University at Buffalo, New York, suffers in comparison to the
recently published book on the same subject by Jennett
and Teasdale. There is no description of care in the prehospital phase or of the importance of management during
the first minutes following injury. The neurological assessment scheme of Ransohoff and Fleischer, while of interest,
is not in general use, and there is no discussion of the Glasgow Coma Scale: a scale which has recently been adopted
by many neurosurgical centers in the United States and
Western Europe. The chapter o n scalp injuries is far too
long for a book that devotes only a few pages to the intensive care of a brain-injured patient-a
subject very
superficially treated. The chapter on increased intracranial
pressure, while it touches on the pertinent issues, does not
pursue the pathophysiology in enough depth. Finally, the
chapter on assessment and prognosis in head injuries is too
brief. There has been an explosion in information available
on the long-term consequences of brain i n jury, and we now
have a much better understanding of what a rehabilitation
program for such patients might entail.
In summary, this book discusses the pathophysiology
and management of head injury in a limited manner. Although many of the references are recent, the philosophical
bent and the long chapters on scalp in juries and skull fractures reflect an unimaginative treatment of the subject. The
book may be of interest to emergency room physicians, but
it has too many deficiencies to be a significant addition to
the library of a neurosurgical resident o r neurosurgeon.
Moscona, A.
Lawrence F . Marshall, M D
Wikler. Abraham, Opioid Dependence, Mechanisms a n d
Treatment. New York, Pleu14rn Press, 1980, 248 pages,
Division of Neutvsurgety
University of Cafz’jrirniaMedical Center
San Diego, C A
The book contains proceedings of a symposium held in
Paris in June, 1778.
A,,and Monroy, A . (eds), N e u r a l Development, Part 1 (Current Topics in Developmental Biology, Vol 15). New York, Academic Press, 1980, 440 page.c.
This is a multiauthored work anticipated as the first of three
volumes to be included under the title. Authorities contribute chapters ranging from 2 0 to 50 pages in length with
authorship reading like a u h o i u~hoin the field. Coverage is
comprehensive and detailed. The volumes should be in any
serious neuroscientific library.
Motta, At. led], T h e Endocrine Function of the Brain.
Comprehensive Endocrinology. hleuJ York, Raven Pres.r.
1980, 493 pages, $54.00
The book contains a series of collected papers on the subject with an orientation that is predominantly anatomical
and endocrinological.
Orem,John, and Barnes, Charles (e&t. Physiology in Sleep.
Nezo York, Academic Press, 1980, -347 pages, $34.50
This multiauthored volume covers a variety of aspects of
the physiology of sleep, including cardiovascular regulation, cerebral circulation, temperature regulation, endocrines, elementary function, and respiratory changes.
Stratton, Donald B., Neurophysiology. New York.
McGrau~-NilfBook Company, 1981 400 pages, $ 1 9.95
This is a textbook with a considerable orientation toward
human neurophysiology, intended for undergraduate and
graduate students in introductory courses.
Dr Wikler, longtime director of the Addiction Research
Center in Lexington, Kentucky, summarizes the experiences of a lifetime of work in this important field.
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