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The content of the updated education is a requirement of time
The core of the independent country is the educated generation. Nowadays,
education is gaining momentum and ahead of the race.
It is clear that the future of the state is not a problem for young people in terms of
education and upbringing. Akhmet Baitursynov, a great Kazakh talented teacher,
said: "The country's correction should begin with the correction of the child's
The main objective of the education reform of the Republic of Kazakhstan is to
adapt the educational system to a new economic environment. In this context, the
President of the country N.A. Nazarbayev is aware that our country has set itself the
task of joining the 50 most competitive countries in the world. Improving the
education system plays an important role in achieving this goal. In the future, the
need for modern knowledge is needed to enter the civilized and developed countries.
Head of our state N.A. Nazarbayev The President's Address to the Nation
"Kazakhstan's Way - 2050: Common Goal, Common Interest, Common Future" sets
out the tasks that implements all the strategic directions of the country's
development. "The developed country in the twenty-first century is an active,
educated and healthy citizen," the message, addressing the future of the republic.
And the basis of development lies in knowledge and science. Therefore, as it is
developed countries of the world, improvement of the quality of education in the
independent country is one of the most important issues. In this regard, one of the
indicators of teacher's professional skills in providing education to young people in
the education system, as well as their harmonious development and personal
development - is important in obtaining advanced pedagogical, scientifictheoretical, methodological innovations and best practices.
The challenge facing current teachers: Forming a competent person who can work
deeply, business and thoughtfully based on world standards, in accordance with the
level of science and technology development. In order to meet this requirement, a
teacher must be professional in continuous research.
Innovative learning outcomes should contribute to the acquisition of knowledge by
the student himself. The introduction of innovative technologies in the educational
process plays a decisive role in expanding the student's thinking, enhancing his
worldview and cognitive activity, developing creativity in his research, and aspiring
to qualification, ie the development of personality.
In this regard I would like to express my thoughts and continue with my poem:
The education program is new,
Repeatedly amended and changed.
You should always go ahead,
If I find that the time is in demand.
Yes, at present, training courses for pedagogical staff on a number of disciplines are
being held in all regions of the country as part of updating the content of secondary
education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The main purpose of the upgraded education program is to improve students'
learning outcomes. Many components of secondary education content upgrading,
including teacher training, are aimed at this goal.
Features of updated curriculum include a new structure consisting of 10 parts:
1. The importance of discipline;
2. Purpose of the educational program on discipline;
3. realization of the policy of pluralism;
4. Requirements for organization of educational process;
5. Pedagogical methods used in teaching discipline;
6. Respect for different cultures and attitudes;
7. Competence of the use of information and communication technologies;
8. Communicative skills development;
9. Evaluation of learning outcomes;
10. Content, organization and sequence of learning.
Program Objectives:
1. Acquaintance with the structure of the updated educational program on the
discipline, the content, the content and the purpose of the complexity of the
2. To ensure understanding and application of pedagogical approaches appropriate
to the updated curriculum discipline;
3. To be able to understand and apply a criteria-based assessment system to achieve
educational objectives in the updated curriculum discipline;
4. Formation of the skills necessary for the implementation of the updated
educational program on the subject in the context of updating the content of
secondary education.
Expected outcomes:
- Teachers know and understand the structure, content, and goals of the updated
curriculum, the content of the curriculum;
- able to use pedagogical approaches, educational materials, corresponding to the
updated educational program on discipline;
- understand and apply a criteria-based assessment system to achieve educational
objectives in the updated curriculum discipline;
- In the context of upgrading the content of secondary education teachers have the
skills and abilities needed to implement an updated educational program on the
There is an enormous impact on the upgraded education program from the teacher
training course. Effective methods in it are aimed at critical thinking, which helps
teachers to become independent, critical thinking, and responsive and responsive to
learning, using a universal model of teaching and effective teaching methods.
An updated educational program helps you to discover all aspects of advanced
Summarizing the conclusion of my speech, I am deeply concerned about this
renewed educational program: the goal of setting ourselves a goal is to become
skillful and knowledgeable when the sons and daughters of the sovereign country
become skilled at finding and acting in the hearts of our students. Thanks to this, we
will become a competitive and strong country. I think there is no greater happiness
in this universe, if I make all my effort and make my country useful.
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