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Circadian rhythms in the central nervous system. Edited by P. H. Redfern I. C. Campbell J. A. Davies and K. F. Martins Deerfield Beach V. C. H. 1986 270 pp illustrated $59

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Bacterial Meningitis. Contemporary Issues in Infectious
Diseases-Vol 3
Edited by M . A. Sand, A. L. Smith, and R. R. K. Root
New York, Churchill, 1985
272 pp, illustrated, $40.00
Neurotransmitterst,Seizures, and Epilepsy 111
Edited by G. Nistico, P. L. Morselli, K. G. Lloyd, R. G . Fanello,
and J . Engel
New York, Raven, 1986
525 pp, illustrated, ;870.50
Biorhythms and Epilepsy
Edited by A. Martins dz Silva, C. D. Binnie, and H. Meinardi
New York, Raven, 1985
238 pp, illustrated, $42.00
Neurotrauma: Treatment, Rehabilitation and Related
Edited by M . E. Miner and K. A. Wagner
Stoneham, Butterworth, 1986
258 pp, illustrated, $34.95
Circadian Rhythms in the Central Nervous System
Edited by P. H. Redfern, 1. C. Campbell,J . A. Dauies,
and K. F . Martin
Deerfield Beach, V.C.H., 1986
270 pp, illustrated, $59.SO
Optic Neuritis
Edited by R. F. Hess and G. T. Plant
New York, Cambndi;e, 1986
310 pp, illustrated, 4169.50
Disorders of Posture and Gait
Edited by W . Bles and T. H. Brandt
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1986
392 pp, illustrated, $92.50
Recent Achievements in Restorative Neurology:
Progressive Neuromuscular Diseases, Vol 2
Edited by M. R. Dimitnyevic, B. A. Kakulas, and G. Vrbwa
New York, Kargw, 1986
360 pp, illustrated
Dyskinesia-Research and TreatmentPsychopharmacology Supplementum 2
Edited by D. E. Casg, T . N.Chase, A . V . Christensen,
andJ. Gwkcb
Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 1986
230 pp, illustrated
Intracranial Pressure, Vol 4
Edited by J . D. Miller. G. M. Teasdale,J . 0.Rowan,
S. L. Galbraith, and A. D. Mendelow
Berlin, Springer-Vwlag, 1986
798 pp, illustrated
Kindling, Vol 3
Edited by J . A. Wada
New York, Raven, 1986
576 pp, illustrated, $74.00
Neuroendocrine Perspectives, Vol 4
Edited by E. E. Muller, R. M . MacLeod, and L. A. Frohman
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1985
301 pp, illustrated, $65.00
Vol 22
No 5
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
Edited by F . Bergmini, C. A. Defanti, and P. Fewante
New York, Excerpta “Medica,1986
422 pp, illustrated, $81.50
The Rett Syndrome
Edited by J . M . Opitz, J . F. Reynolds, L. M . Spano,
and H . W . Moser
New York, Alan R. Liss, 1986
415 pp, illustrated, $79.50
Topographic Mapping of Brain Electrical Activity
Edited by F. H. DuBy
Stoneham. Butterwort,b, 1986
428 pp, illustrated, $49.95
Neural Regulation of Brain Circulation
Edited by C. Owman and J. E. Hardebo
Amsterdam, E/smier, 1986
648 pp, illustrated, $1 70.00
672 Annals of Neurology
Recent Developments in Parkinson’s Disease
Edited by S. Fahn, C. D. Mardsen, P. Jenner, and P. Tgchennc
New York, Raven P m s , 1986
3 75 pp, illustrated
Trauma of the Central Nervous System-Seminars
Neurological Surgery
Edited by R. G. Dacty, Jr, H. R. Winn, R. W . Rimel,
andJ. A. Jane
New York, Raven Press, 1985
359 pp, illustrated, $69.50
November 1987
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