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Clarence Ray Carpenter 1906Ц1975.

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Clarence Ray Carpenter
1906-1 975
Clarence Ray Carpenter died on Saturday, 1 March 1975 in Athens, Georgia. He
was 69 years old. In recent years h e had
been research professor of psychology and
anthropology at the University of Georgia,
and in 1973 he became a senior fellow at
the East-West Center of the University of
Carpenter retired as research professor
of psychology and anthropology from Pennsylvania State University in 1969. He joined
the faculty of Penn State in 1940. He was
instrumental in the founding of modern
field studies of primate behavior, and his
career spanned the development of modern
studies of primate behavior. He began his
work with the study of the social life of
New World monkeys, primarily on Barro
Colorado Island. He was one of the leaders
of the Asiatic Primate Expedition to Thailand and Sumatra in 1937. His published
work on his field studies of the gibbons of
Siam (Thailand) was a landmark i n primate behavior studies. It is to this work
and the example of Dr. Carpenter that most
of us who have i n any way worked with
primates and primate behavior in the field
turned. We have continued to stress his
importance to our students. One of his
most notable contributions was the founding of the famous colony of macaques in
Cay0 Santiago Island, just off the eastern
coast of Puerto Rico. Carpenter traveled
from India in 1939 with about 500 macaques which were then released on Cay0
Santiago. This work was part of a n experi-
AM. J. PHYS.ANTHROP.,45: 175-176.
ment to be conducted by the School of
Tropical Medicine, a joint venture of Columbia University and the University of
Puerto Rico. The colony has survived and
many important studies of behavior, physiology, genetics and neurology have been
carried out there, most of them by students
who had been influenced in important ways
by Carpenter.
He was active in establishing and promoting and supporting many centers for
the study of the primates in the U.S.A.,
Central America, Japan, and Europe. He
served on the Board of Scientific Advisors
of the Caribbean Primates Research Center
i n Puerto Rico and was Chairman of the
Board of Advisors of the Yerkes Regional
Primate Research Laboratory at Emory
University. He served the United States
Office of Education and was on the Commission on Instructional Technology. He
was a past president of the Joint Council
of Educational Telecommunication and the
Association for Higher Education. He was
instrumental in getting civil films of all
sorts accepted as important tools in higher
education. He pioneered in making films
of primates for use in courses on primate
behavior, natural history and ecology.
He led a n active life, helping and influencing students all over the world.
Department of Anthropology
New Yorh University,
Neu: Yorh, N . Y . 10003
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