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Clinical electromyography Nerve conduction studies by shin J. Oh Baltimore university park press 1984 519 pp illustrated $49

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Clinical Electromyography: Nerve Conduction Studies
By Shin J . Oh
Baltimore, University Park Press, 1984
5 19 pp, illustrated, $49.50
This single-authored book is written for technicians, residents, fellows, and full-time electromyographers.
The book is divided in two parts. Part I, the basic section,
provides the necessary rudiments of anatomy, physiology,
nerve conduction techniques, and normal values to prepare
the reader to perform and interpret routine electrodiagnostic
tests. Elementary but important practical information is included on artifacts, electrical safety, and the basic components of an electromyography machine. A useful chapter
covers pediatric nerve conduction studies. Part 11, the advanced section, provides detailed information on less
common nerve conduction techniques, physiological and
nonphysiological factors affecting nerve conduction, interpretation of nerve conduction data, and the electrophysiological abnormalities present in the various focal
neuropathies and generalized polyneuropathies. There are
good chapters on the diagnostic value of somatosensory
evoked potentials in various clinical settings and on anomalous innervation. The 100 pages on the performance of less
common nerve conduction studies and the 100-plus pages
on the electrophysiological abnormalities seen in various
neuropathies have great practical use for all who frequently
perform nerve conduction studies. Most techniques are adequately reviewed, though greater emphasis could have been
given to late responses, blink reflexes, and the electrodiagnosis of diseases of the neuromuscular junction.
The book is clearly written with italicized summary information, numerous excellent illustrations and tables, and a
useful bibliography. Readers will have to go elsewhere for
a more detailed clinical and physiological approach to
neuromuscular disease, but this text is a valuable source of
practical information and a welcome addition to the everexpanding library of the clinical electromyographer.
Eric L. Logigian, M D
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston. M A
Brief Reviews
by Fred Plum, M D
Senile Dementia: Outlook for the Future
(Vol 5 , Modern Aging Research)
Edited 6.i Jean Wertheimer and Maurice Marois
New York, Alan R. Liss, Inc, I984
562 pp9 ilfustrated, $68.00
The number of books and monographs on this subject reflect
the importance of the problem, although, unfortunately, not
much that is substantive in the way of progress for its solution. This volume is no exception to that rule, although it
may be useful as an index to the many different institutions
and persons working on the problem.
The Pharmacological Basis of Migraine Therapy
Edited by W. K. Amey, J . M . Van Nueten, and A . Wauquier
Baltimore, Urban 6 Schwanenberg, I984
287 pp, illustrated, $37.50
This volume represents the proceedings of a symposium
held under the sponsorship of the Janssen pharmaceutical
company in September, 1983. Twenty papers cover the field
as it is currently viewed and largely already reported. With a
single exception, the conrributors are from European centers.
Progress i n Migraine Research 2
Edited by F. Clzflord Rose
Baltimore, Urban 6 Schwanenberg, 1984
292 pp, illustrated, $69.50
This is a proceeding report of a regularly held meeting on the
topic of migraine, this one held in London in 1982. Thirtyone papers cover various aspects of the problem.
Research Progress in Motor Neurone Disease
Edited by F . Cl;ffard Rose
Baltimore, Urban d Schwamenberg, 1984
465 pp, illustrated, $67.50
This volume contains the proceedings of a three-day symposium held in London in July, 1982. Thirty-seven papers
reflect the fact that a good deal of work is going on to try to
illuminate the causes and cures of these dread and presently
hopeless disorders. Evidence of progress thus far is limited.
As with other Progress volumes, the price is high.
Neuroanatomical Pathways
By Raphael Poritsky
Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders Co, I984
209 pp, illustrated, $12.95
This paperback, which is a photo-offset-produced and inexpensive outline of neuroanatomy, condenses the subject of
medical neuroanatomy into approximately 90 pages supplemented by 58 clearly drawn anatomical figures. Many of the
figures are really cartoons of wiring systems, permitting the
student to trace the systems with a color pencil for study
purposes. Some not very useful clinical figures supplement
the anatomical ones, but do not seriously detract from the
rest. The book should be useful to those taking “core
courses” or those reviewing for comprehensive or board examinations.
A History of Neurophysiology i n the 17th
and 18th Centuries: From Concept to Experiment
By M a y A. B. Brazier
New York, Raven Press, 1984
239 pp, illustrated, $GS.OO
Dr Brazier first published the core material that makes up
the content of this monograph in the original Handbook of
Neurophysiology series published in 1959. She has steadily
added to her scholarship since that date and now brings us a
well-presented and richly illustrated monograph covering
two centuries of thought and experiment, taking us to the
threshold of the century that gave birth to Gall, the localizationists, and the great triumphs that ushered in modern
neurophysiology and the study of the brain’s behaviorial
functions. One anticipates that sequel. Meanwhile, the present monograph is the best that exists in its field. A copy
should be in every library.
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