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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 18, No. 7 – 8, 463 – 464 (2009) / DOI 10.1002/andp.200918007
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Page 465
U. Eckern
Page 466 – 479
Maria Göppert-Mayer
Elementary processes with two quantum transitions
Göttinger Dissertation. Reprint
of “Über Elementarakte mit zwei
Quantensprüngen”, Annalen
der Physik 9 [401], 273–294
(1931). Translation by Daniel C. Koepke, Montana State University, Physics
Department, Bozeman, MT, USA; e-mail:
Page 480 – 560
K. H. Bennemann
Ultra-fast dynamics in solids: non-equilibrium behaviour of
magnetism and atomic structure
Non-equilibrium physics is of fundamental interest, for example, for extensions of statistical mechanics and
thermodynamics. In particular, it is
important to understand how conservation laws like energy conservation
and angular-momentum conservation in
magnetic solids control the time scale
of the dynamics. Laser irradiation may cause intense electronic excitations
and thus a strong non-equilibrium state. Results are presented for the ultra-fast
response of magnetism in ferromagnetic transition metals like Ni, Co, Fe, and
Gd and furthermore of the atomic structure in semiconductors like Si, Ge, and
InSb. Non-thermal melting is a most spectacular example of ultra-fast bond
breaking. Time-resolved magnetooptical experiments yielding sub-picosecond
spin dynamics are discussed. The spin dynamics is accompanied by THz light
emission. The structural changes in semiconductors, bond changes sp3 → s2 p2 ,
and phase transitions occur within about 100 fs. . . .
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Page 561 – 584
T. Stauber and F. Guinea
Entanglement of spin chains with general boundaries and of
dissipative systems
We analyze the entanglement
properties of spins (qubits) close
to the boundary of spin chains
in the vicinity of a quantum
critical point and show that the
concurrence at the boundary is
significantly different from the one of bulk spins. We also discuss the von
Neumann entropy of dissipative environments in the vicinity of a (boundary)
critical point, such as two Ising-coupled Kondo-impurities or the dissipative
two-level system. Our results indicate that the entanglement (concurrence
and/or von Neumann entropy) changes abruptly at the point where coherent
quantum oscillations cease to exist. The phase transition modifies significantly
less the entanglement if no symmetry breaking field is applied and we argue
that this might be a general property of the entanglement of dissipative systems.
We finally analyze the entanglement of an harmonic chain between the two
ends as function of the system size.
Page 585 – 603
Yusuke Okame and Mitsuo J. Hayashi
(0,2) Gauged linear sigma model on supermanifold
We construct (0, 2), D = 2 gauged linear sigma model on supermanifold
with both an Abelian and non-Abelian gauge symmetry. For the purpose of
checking the exact supersymmetric (SUSY) invariance of the Lagrangian
density, it is convenient to introduce a new operator Û for the Abelian gauge
group. The Û operator provides consistency conditions for satisfying the
SUSY invariance. On the other hand, it is not essential to introduce a similar
operator in order to check the exact SUSY invariance of the Lagrangian density
of non-Abelian model, contrary to the Abelian one. However, we still need
a new operator in order to define the (0,2) chirality conditions for the (0,2)
chiral superfields. The operator Û a can be defined from the conditions assuring
the (0,2) supersymmetric invariance of the Lagrangian density in superfield
formalism for the (0,2) U(N) gauged linear sigma model.
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