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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 3, 191 – 193 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/andp.201152303
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Page 194 – 207
A. Tawfik, M. Wahba, H. Mansour, and T. Harko
Viscous quark-gluon plasma in the early universe
In the present work a study is given for
the evolution of a flat, isotropic and
homogeneous universe, which is filled
with a causal bulk viscous cosmological
fluid. The authors describe the viscous
properties by an ultra-relativistic equation of state, and bulk viscosity coeffi-1
cient obtained from recent lattice QCD
calculations. The basic equation for the
Hubble parameter is derived by using the energy equation obtained from the
assumption of the covariant conservation of the energy-momentum tensor of
the matter in the universe. . . .
Page 208 – 225
Bair V. Budaev and David B. Bogy
An extension of Khalatnikov’s theory of Kapitsa thermal
This paper develops a novel approach
to Kapitsa thermal resistance which extends Khalatnikov’s acoustic mismatch
theory by inclusion of a previously excluded broad class of acoustic waves
that violate the Sommerfeld radiation
condition, which is essential for the theory of sound but is not relevant for the
analysis of heat transport. . . .
Page 226 – 234
L− (Q) ⊆ R− (ΔT )
R− (ΔT )
Bahram Mashhoon
Necessity of acceleration-induced nonlocality
The purpose of this paper is to explain clearly why nonlocality must be an
essential part of the theory of relativity. In the standard local version of this
theory, Lorentz invariance is extended to accelerated observers by assuming
that they are pointwise inertial. . . .
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Page 235 – 238
Edward Kapuścik and Rajmund Orlicki
Did Günter Nimtz discover tachyons?
It is argued that in the famous G. Nimtz experiment tachyons were produced
and annihilated. The authors base their considerations on the new version of
Special Relativity elaborated recently by one of the authors.
Page 239 – 246
Changbiao Wang
The relativistic Doppler effect: when a zero-frequency shift or a
red shift exists for sources approaching the observer
e-bunch collector
It is shown without making use of
Lorentz transformation that there exmaximum
ists a phenomenon of relativistic zeroblue shift
frequency shift in Doppler effect for a
blue shift
plane wave in free space, observed in
zero shift
two inertial frames of relative motion,
red shift
and the zero shift takes place at a maximum aberration of light. When it is applied to analysis of a moving point light
source, two unconventional physical implications result: (1) a light source,
when it is approaching (moving closer to) the observer, may cause a red shift;
(2) a zero-frequency-shift observation does not necessarily mean that the light
source is not moving closer, and in contrast, the light source may be moving
closer to the observer at a high speed. . . .
Page 247 – 258
Guo-Kang Er
Methodology for the solutions of some reduced Fokker-Planck
equations in high dimensions
In this paper, a new methodology is
formulated for solving the reduced
Fokker-Planck (FP) equations in high
dimensions based on the idea that the
state space of large-scale nonlinear
stochastic dynamic system is split into
two subspaces. The FP equation relevant to the nonlinear stochastic dynamic system is then integrated over
one of the subspaces. The FP equation
for the joint probability density function of the state variables in another subspace is formulated with some techniques. Therefore, the FP equation in highdimensional state space is reduced to some FP equations in low-dimensional
state spaces, which are solvable with exponential polynomial closure method.
Numerical results are presented and compared with the results from Monte
Carlo simulation and those from equivalent linearization to show the effectiveness of the presented solution procedure. . . .
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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 3 (2011)
S. Nazir, Z. Y. Zhu, and U. Schwingenschlögl
Page 259 – 264
Charge transfer effects on the Fermi surface of Ba0.5 K0.5 Fe2 As2
Ab-initio calculations within density
functional theory are performed to obtain a more systematic understanding of
the electronic structure of iron pnictides.
As a prototypical compound the authors
study Ba0.5 K0.5 Fe2 As2 and analyze the
changes of its electronic structure when
the interaction between the Fe2 As2 layers and their surrounding is modified.
They find strong effects on the density
of states near the Fermi energy as well
as the Fermi surface. The role of the
electron donor atoms . . .
Page 265 – 268
A closer look into the grand history of
Annalen der Physik: themes which
occupied the minds of physicists one
century ago.
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