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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 17, No. 4, 193 – 194 (2008) / DOI 10.1002/andp.200817005
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Page 195 – 220
K. P. Ghatak, S. Bhattacharya, S. Pahari, D. De, S. Ghosh, and M. Mitra
Influence of light waves on the thermoelectric power under large
magnetic field in III-V, ternary and quaternary materials
We study theoretically the
influence of light waves on
the thermoelectric power
under large magnetic field
(TPM) for III-V, ternary
and quaternary materials,
whose unperturbed energyband structures, are defined
by the three-band model
of Kane. The solution of
the Boltzmann transport
equation on the basis of this newly formulated electron dispersion law will
introduce new physical ideas and experimental findings in the presence of
external photoexcitation.
Page 221 – 259
Rolf Schumann
Rigorous solution of a Hubbard model extended by
nearest-neighbour Coulomb and exchange interaction on a triangle
and tetrahedron
The Hubbard model extended by both nearestneighbour (nn) Coulomb correlation and
nearest-neighbour Heisenberg exchange is
solved rigorously for a triangle and tetrahedron. All eigenvalues and eigenvectors are
given as functions of the model parameters
in a closed analytical form. For fixed electron numbers we found a multitude of level
crossings, both in the ground state and in the
excited states in dependence on the various
model parameters. By coupling an ensemble
of clusters to an electron bath we get the cluster gas model or the cluster gas
approximation, if an extended array of weak-interacting clusters is considered.
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Page 260 – 266
C. Hoede and H. J. W. Zandvliet
A novel approach to Ising problems
In 2000 Istrail suggested that calculating the partition function of non-planar
Ising models is an NP-complete problem, implying that these problems are
intractable and thus essentially unsolvable. In this note we discuss the validity
of this suggestion and introduce the idea of gauging on an exact equation. We
illustrate how this method works by applying it to two non-planar Ising models,
namely the 2D model with nearest and weak next nearest neighbor interactions
and the anisotropic 3D model.
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2008. Volume 2, 6 issues.
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