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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 18, No. 6, 379 – 380 (2009) / DOI 10.1002/andp.200918006
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Page 381 – 390
Walter Dittrich
The mathematical pendulum from Gauß via Jacobi to Riemann
The goal of this article is to introduce doubleperiodic elliptic functions on the basis of a “simple" mechanical system, that of the mathematical
pendulum. Thereby it is not geometry that is in
the foreground, as in Gauß’s analysis of the lemniscatian curve, but rather the calculation of the
specific attributes of elliptic functions with the aid
of a periodic integrable system. Not the spatial degree of freedom, but the time variable is continued
into the complex plane. This will make it possible
to not only identify the known real period of the
pendulum oscillation, but also to detect a second
imaginary period. Only then does the solution of
the equation of motion become a Jacobi-type elliptic function. . . .
Page 391 – 409
R. F. Alvarez-Estrada
Nonequilibrium quantum anharmonic oscillator and scalar field:
high temperature approximations
The authors treat a relativistic quantum boson gas, described by a scalar quantum field, with quartic self-interaction (φ4 ) in three spatial dimensions: they
review the known equilibrium case and present new proposals off-equilibrium.
For high temperature and large spatial scales, the behaviour . . .
Page 410 – 435
G. Lessner
Five-dimensional relativity and extended elementary particles
Five-dimensional relativity,
based on the 5-dimensional
vacuum equations Rμν = 0,
is interpreted as a general relativistic field theory describing the inner structure of extended elementary particles.
The most general spherically
symmetric, purely electric
and asymptotically flat solution of the field equations is
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Page 436 – 453
Xiao-qing Li, San-qiu Liu, and Xiang-yang Tao
Gravitoelectromagnetic cavitons in the kinetic regime
The authors consider the
interaction of gravitational
fields (including “gravitoelectromagnetism”) with
interstellar matter dealing
with resonant wave-particle
and wave-wave interactions
on the basis of magnetic-type
Maxwell-Vlasov equations.
It is found that the behavior
of the perturbed GEM fields,
the perturbed density and
self-generated gravitomagnetic field with very low frequency, . . .
Page 454 – 458
R. Juárez-Amaro, J. L. Escudero-Jimén, and H. Moya-Cessa
Intrinsic decoherence in the interaction of two fields with a
two-level atom
The authors study the interaction of a two-level atom
and two fields, one of them
classical. They obtain an effective Hamiltonian for this
system by using a method
recently introduced that produces a small rotation . . .
Page 459 – 462
A closer look into the grand history of
Annalen der Physik: themes which occupied
the minds of physicists one century ago.
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