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Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 6, 435 – 436 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/andp.201152306
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Page 437 – 438
Ulrich Eckern, Guido Fuchs
Page 439 – 449
Editor’s Choice
Benny Rievers and Claus Lämmerzahl
High precision thermal modeling of complex systems with
application to the flyby and Pioneer anomaly
Thermal modeling of complex systems
faces the problems of an effective digitalization of the detailed geometry and
properties of the system, calculation
of the thermal flows and temperature
maps, treatment of the thermal radiation
including possible multiple reflections,
inclusion of additional external influences, extraction of the radiation pressure from calculated surface data as well as computational effectiveness. Here
the application of a thermal modeling to the Rosetta flyby anomaly as well as
to the Pioneer anomaly is presented. The analysis outlines that thermal recoil
pressure is not the cause of the Rosetta flyby anomaly but likely resolves the
anomalous acceleration observed for Pioneer 10.
Page 450 – 458
Gamal G. L. Nashed
Energy and momentum of a spherically symmetric dilaton frame
as regularized by teleparallel gravity
The author calculates energy and momentum of a spherically symmetric dilaton frame using the gravitational energy-momentum 3-form within the tetrad
formulation of general relativity (GR). It is shown how the effect of inertia
(which is mainly reproduced from Υ) makes the total energy and momentum
always different from the well known result when the Riemannian connection
α β is used. On the other hand, when use is made of the covariant formulaΓ
tion of teleparallel gravity, which implies to take into account the pure gauge
connection, teleparallel gravity always yields the physically relevant result for
the energy and momentum.
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R. G. Keanini, Nilabh Srivastava, Peter T. Tkacik, David C. Weggel, and
P. Douglas Knight
Page 459 – 487
Stochastic rocket dynamics under random nozzle side loads:
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck boundary layer separation and its coarse
grained connection to side loading and rocket response
A long-standing problem in rocket
dynamics, rocket response to random, altitude-dependent nozzle
side-loads, is investigated. It is
found that the analytical models proposed in this paper allow straightforward identification of practical approaches for reducing pitch/yaw response to side loads, and enhancing pitch/yaw damping once side loads cease.
Norbert Straumann
Page 488 – 500
Einstein’s ‘Zürich Notebook’ and his journey to general relativity
Based on an invited talk given at the conference “Cosmology Since Einstein”,
Hong Kong, 30 May – 1 June 2011.
On the basis of his ‘Zürich Notebook’ the author describes a particularly
fruitful phase in Einstein’s struggle on the way to general relativity. These research notes are an extremely illuminating source for understanding Einstein’s
main physical arguments and conceptual difficulties that delayed his discovery
of general relativity by about three years.
Page 501 – 504
A closer look into the grand history of
Annalen der Physik: themes which occupied the
minds of physicists one century ago.
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