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Cover Picture A Convergent Route to Enantiomerically Pure Higher [n2]Triangulanedimethanol Derivatives and [n]Triangulanes (n7) (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 472004)

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Cover Picture
Armin de Meijere,* Alexander F. Khlebnikov, Sergei I. Kozhushkov,
Kazutoshi Miyazawa, Daniel Frank, Peter R. Schreiner,
B. Christopher Rinderspacher, Dmitrii S. Yufit, and
Judith A. K. Howard
The rigid helical frameworks of the molecules of (M)-( )-[7]triangulane-1,9dimethanol associate through hydrogen bonds between their terminal hydroxy groups
in supramolecular helices, two of which form a supramolecular double helix. In the
cover picture, this is compared with the design by Leonardo da Vinci of a doublespiral staircase. The hydrocarbon (M)-( )-[9]triangulane does not organize itself as a
supramolecular double helix. For more information see the Communication by
de Meijere et al. on page 6553 ff. The cover picture was created by Dipl.-Chem.
Heiko Schill.
History of Science
The 100th anniversary is commemorated of the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Lord
Rayleigh and Sir Ramsay for their discovery and characterization of the noble gases.
J. M. Thomas describes in his Essay on page 6418 the important stages in the lives of
these two great scientists.
Protein Biosynthesis
In vitro and in vivo incorporation of noncanonical amino acids using an expanded
genetic code and the perspectives of this method for the synthesis of tailor-made
proteins are discussed in the Review by N. Budisa on p. 6426 ff.
Nanoporous Materials
Removal of the coil segments from an ordered rod–coil compound with a
honeycomb-like structure to give a perforated crystalline sheet of hexagonally
ordered nanopores is described by M. Lee and co-workers in their Communication on
page 6466 ff.
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