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Cover Picture A Ferromagnetically Coupled Mn19 Aggregate with a Record S=832 Ground Spin State (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 302006)

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Cover Picture
Ayuk M. Ako, Ian J. Hewitt, Valeriu Mereacre, Rodolphe Clrac,
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Christopher E. Anson, and Annie K. Powell*
King of the spins is provided by the mixed-valent Mn19 aggregate as reported by A. K.
Powell et al. in their Communication on page 4926 ff. The use of bridging azido
ligands leads to a completely ferromagnetically coupled system with a record ground
spin state of 83/2. This remarkable molecule has been investigated and characterized
by scientists from three laboratories working together in the European Network of
Excellence “MAGMANet”, the logo of which provides the background to the cover
Photoresponsive Compounds
Photoactivateable proteins, nucleic acids, and small-molecule compounds offer
numerous possibilities for investigating biological processes, even in cells. In their
Review on page 4900 ff, G. Mayer and A. Heckel summarize recent developments in
this field.
In their Communication on page 4922 ff., C. Ye et al. report the preparation of
SrAl2O4 nanoscrolls through a roll-up process under hydrothermal conditions. Postannealing transforms the nanoscrolls into crystalline nanotubes.
PrIII ions and chiral ligands can diastereoselectively build two different
superstructures, in which the ligands form helical domains and are attached to
trigonal Pr3 or pyramidal Pr4 metallic scaffolds. Details of this solvent-induced selfassembly process can be found in the Communication by O. Mamula et al. on
page 4940 ff.
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