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Cover Picture A Melt Approach to the Synthesis of catena-Phosphorus Dications To Access Derivatives of [P6Ph4R4]2+ (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 402006)

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Cover Picture
Jan J. Weigand,* Neil Burford,* Michael D. Lumsden, and
Andreas Decken
A new melt approach has enabled the synthesis of the first catena-hexaphosphorus
dications, as described in the Communication by N. Burford, J. J. Weigand, and coworkers on page 6733 ff. The cover picture (by Jared MacPherson) shows a
photograph of the reaction melt of 4=5 (PhP)5, 2 Ph2PCl, and 2 GaCl3 at 100 8C, which
solidifies to yield [P6Ph8][GaCl4]2 quantitatively upon further heating. Such cations
represent a new direction in phosphorus chemistry and promise a parallel to catenacarbon (organic) chemistry.
Chemical Biology
Solid-phase synthesis produces lipid-modified peptides that can be chemoselectively
ligated onto proteins. In their Review on page 6622 ff., H. Waldmann and co-workers
discuss unsolved questions about the Ras-superfamily GTPases.
Porous Materials
In their Communication on page 6648 ff., J. L. Hedrick and co-workers describe the
preparation of organosilicate monoliths and nanoparticles by solvent-directed selfassembly. By changing the deposition solvent, a single block copolymer/organosilicate
mixture can generate widely different nanostructures.
Supramolecular Chemistry
J. F. Stoddart, D. J. Williams, and co-workers introduce a new class of mechanically
interlocked molecular compounds called “suitanes” in their Communication on
page 6665 ff., and discuss the template-directed synthesis of the simplest member of
this series, suit[2]ane.
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