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Cover Picture A Microfabricated GasЦLiquid Segmented Flow Reactor for High-Temperature Synthesis The Case of CdSe Quantum Dots (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 342005)

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Cover Picture
Brian K. H. Yen, Axel Gnther, Martin A. Schmidt, Klavs F. Jensen,*
and Moungi G. Bawendi*
The two-phase flow of the gas–liquid segmented flow reactor with multiple
temperature zones shown in the cover picture makes it possible to realize both rapid
mixing of reagents and narrow residence-time distributions. The reactor design allows
the preparation of colloidal CdSe quantum dots (bottom right) with excellent size
distributions at high temperature. For more details, see the Communication by K. F.
Jensen, M. G. Bawendi, and co-workers on page 5447 ff. (The authors thank Jane
Rempel for assistance with the cover picture.)
Fullerene Chemistry
In their Minireview on page 5374 ff. N. Mart0n, D. M. Guldi, and L. S3nchez describe
how supramolecular structures are formed and modulated by combinations of
fullerenes and hydrogen bonds.
Biaryl Syntheses
Axially chiral biaryl compounds are increasingly common structural units. G.
Bringmann, M. Breuning, and co-workers describe strategies for the atroposelective
synthesis of these challenging compounds in their Review on page 5384 ff.
In their Communication on page 5428 ff., F. J7kle and co-workers describe an
electrochemical and structural study of a highly rigid 1,2-diborylated diferrocene that
shows unusually strong electronic coupling between the ferrocene groups upon partial
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