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Cover Picture Actinyl Peroxide Nanospheres (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 142005)

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Cover Picture
Peter C. Burns,* Karrie-Ann Kubatko, Ginger Sigmon, Brian J. Fryer,
Joel E. Gagnon, Mark R. Antonio, and L Soderholm
Structurally tuneable spheroids offer the opportunity to systematically probe
electronic, magnetic, and catalytic properties on the nanoscale. In their
Communication on page 2135 ff., P. C. Burns et al. describe the self-assembly of
nanospheres based on actinyl ions. Furthermore, they report how these nanospheres
could form in nuclear waste and so have an impact on the mobility of actinides in the
environment. The cover picture shows a polyhedral representation of a spherical
actinyl peroxide nanocluster.
Host—Guest Chemistry
The unique behavior of molecules resulting from their simultaneous inclusion inside
molecular capsules, including new forms of stereochemistry, isomerism, and
asymmetry within the capsule, are described by J. Rebek, Jr. in his Review on
page 2068 ff.
Surface Chemistry
The effects on surface reactivity caused by the lateral deformation of pseudomorphic
palladium monolayers deposited on single crystals are described by L. A. Kibler et al.
in their Communication on page 2080 ff.
Silver Nanocubes
In their Communication on page 2154 ff. Y. Xia and co-workers report the gram-scale
synthesis of single-crystal silver nanocubes and describe how HCl improves the yield
and morphology of the sample.
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