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Cover Picture ArtemisoneЧA Highly Active Antimalarial Drug of the Artemisinin Class (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 132006)

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Cover Picture
Richard K. Haynes,* Burkhard Fugmann, Jrg Stetter,
Karl Rieckmann, Hans-Dietrich Heilmann, Ho-Wai Chan,
Man-Ki Cheung, Wai-Lun Lam, Ho-Ning Wong, Simon L. Croft,
Livia Vivas, Lauren Rattray, Lindsay Stewart, Wallace Peters,
Brian L. Robinson, Michael D. Edstein, Barbara Kotecka,
Dennis E. Kyle, Bernhard Beckermann, Michael Gerisch,
Martin Radtke, Gabriele Schmuck, Wolfram Steinke, Ute Wollborn,
Karl Schmeer, and Axel Rmer
Qing hao su, or artemisinin, is the active compound isolated from the herb Artemisia
annua (qīng hāo) shown in the cover picture. The Chinese text shown describing its
use in Chinese medicine dates back to 340 AD. Derivatives of artemisinin are
currently used for the treatment of malaria. In their Communication on page 2082 ff.,
R. K. Haynes et al. describe the preparation and superior efficacy of the new
derivative artemisone against the malaria parasite. (Chinese text verified by Prof.
Chun-Tao Che.)
Optical Data Storage Media
In their Review on page 2016 ff., H. Mustroph et al. explain the principles of the
widespread CD und DVD technologies. These media rely heavily upon the
development of new organic dyes.
Cyclization and Self-Assembly
J. L. Kiplinger, D. E. Morris, and co-workers present complexes with a triangle of
actinide metal centers linked by 5,6-dicyano-1-methyl-3-(N-methylamino)isoindolyl
ligands in their Communication on page 2036 ff.
Chiral Mesostructures
Mesostructured fibers of MCM-41, which were prepared in the presence of an achiral
surfactant by a simple dilute synthesis system, are surprisingly chiral. The details of
these findings are given by Tang et al. in their Communication on page 2088 ff.
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