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Cover Picture Atomic-Step-Templated Formation of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Patterns (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 452004)

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Cover Picture
Ariel Ismach, Lior Segev, Ellen Wachtel, and Ernesto Joselevich*
The assembly of nanowire arrays is a critical prerequisite for the large-scale
fabrication of nanocircuitry. In their Communication on pp. 6140 ff., E. Joselevich and
co-workers show how single-wall carbon nanotubes are formed along the atomic steps
of vicinal surfaces, to give highly aligned, dense arrays of discrete, nanometer-wide
wires. The cover picture shows how the nanotubes (blue AFM image) reproduce the
atomic features of the surface (red model).
The recent advances in the preparation of biomaterial–nanoparticle conjugates, as
well as the organization of these systems as functional devices, are presented by E.
Katz and I. Willner in their Review on page 6042 ff.
Biomimetic Synthesis
The assembly of water-soluble carbohydrate-functionalized polymers designed to
mimic the structures of mucin glycoproteins on carbon nanotubes is described by A.
Zettl, C. R. Bertozzi et al. in their Communication on page 6111 ff.
Cluster Compounds
In their Communication on page 6202 ff Klinkhammer et al. report the formation of
two neutral lead clusters bearing s-bonded substituents from the reaction of a
plumbylene with a hydride source.
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