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Cover Picture Autonomous Fueled Mechanical Replication of Nucleic Acid Templates for the Amplified Optical Detection of DNA (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 142006)

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Cover Picture
Yossi Weizmann, Zoya Cheglakov, Valeri Pavlov, and Itamar Willner*
A catalytic cutter for the sensitive detection of a target DNA, a Tay–Sachs disorder
mutant, is described by I. Willner and co-workers in their Communication on
page 2238 ff. As the cover picture shows, a tailored nucleic acid hairpin probe (top) is
opened upon hybridization with the analyte DNA, activating the formation of the
DNA cutter (central structure), which initiates the autonomous scission of a fuel
substrate that leads to the replication of the catalytic cutter and to the formation of a
fluorescent product as an optical readout signal.
Organometallic Catalysis
Metal vinylidenes and allenylidenes are involved in numerous catalytic processes, such
as alkene metathesis and coupling reactions. The state of the art in this field is
summarized by C. Bruneau and P. H. Dixneuf in their Review on page 2176 ff.
Nanoparticle Assemblies
In their Communication on page 2204 ff., H. F. Sleiman and F. A. Aldaye describe the
use of DNA to mediate the organization of gold nanoparticles—an approach that can
be generalized for the sequential and modular generation of a range of nanoparticle
Collagen mimetic peptide functionalized nanoparticles form stable adducts with
collagen fibers. In their Communication on page 2267 ff, S. M. Yu et al. describe the
binding interactions between the peptide and type I collagen fibers.
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