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Cover Picture Branching Out of Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy Challenges for Chemistry and Influence on Biology (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 182005)

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Cover Picture
Philip Tinnefeld* and Markus Sauer*
Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy allows the direct observation of single
receptor molecules in membranes and the identification of mRNA molecules in the
nuclei of living cells. The cover picture shows the transcription centers (bright points)
in a cell nucleus. The method can give information on the composition of the
transcription centers, on the activity of polymerase, and on the synthesis of singlecopy genes by the hybridization of a short dye-labeled oligonucleotide (green strand).
M. Sauer and P. Tinnefeld describe the method and its uses in their Review on
page 2642 ff.
Supercritical Water
The properties of supercritical water and its mixtures with nonpolar, polar, and ionic
materials, and the fundamental molecular processes involved are summarized by H.
Weingrtner and E. U. Franck in their Review on page 2672 ff.
Methanol Economy
Finding efficient ways to store energy and produce convenient hydrocarbon-based
fuels and products while mitigating global warming, and the role of methanol in this
respect are the topics presented by Nobel Laureate G. A. Olah in his Essay on
page 2636 ff.
RNA-Target Recognition
Glycoside pseudo base pairs and triples are important for the recognition of the RNA
target by the aminoglycoside apramycin, as shown by T. Hermann and co-workers in
their Communication on page 2694 ff.
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