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Cover Picture Cryo Electron Tomography Reveals Confined Complex Morphologies of Tripeptide-Containing Amphiphilic Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 462008)

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D 3461
International Edition
Enzyme Catalysis
K. Faber, R. J. Kazlauskas et al.
Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry
R. W. Saalfrank et al.
S. L. Craig
Metastable Compounds
M. J. Rosseinsky
ACIEFS 47 (46) 8751–8968 (2008) · ISSN 1433–7851 · Vol. 47 · No. 46
Cover Picture
Alison L. Parry, Paul H. H. Bomans, Simon J. Holder,*
Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk,* and Stefano C. G. Biagini*
The anatomy of a copolymer is presented by N. A. J. M. Sommerdijk et al. in their
Communication on page 8859 ff. The amphiphilic double-comb diblock polymer with
oligo(ethylene oxide) and peptide chains aggregates to form complex shapes in
aqueous solution. From cryo electron tomograms, 3D volumes were reconstructed
(shown as a set of slices). Further visualization highlights branches and loops in a
folded wormlike micelle (purple) and the channel structure inside a bicontinuous
morphology (yellow).
Enzyme Catalysis
K. Faber, R. J. Kazlauskas, and co-workers describe in their Minireview on
p. 8782 ff. enantiocomplementary enzymes: enzyme pairs in which each enzyme
transforms the opposite enantiomer of a substrate preferentially in the same
Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry
In the Review on page 8794 ff., R. W. Saalfrank and co-workers describe how
serendipitous discoveries and rational design lead to strategies for the construction of
diverse nanostructures with specific form and size.
Mesoporous Frameworks
The formation of a mesoporous covalent organic framework is reported by D. Jiang
et al. in their Communication on page 8826 ff. The blue-luminescent framework,
which has a beltlike morphology, is also semiconducting.
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