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Cover Picture CuH in a Bottle A Convenient Reagent for Asymmetric Hydrosilylations (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 392005)

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Cover Picture
Bruce H. Lipshutz* and Bryan A. Frieman
The innate stability of the extraordinarily reactive and enantioselective reagent [{(R)( )-DTBM-segphos}CuH] (whose structure is shown in the cover picture) is revealed
in the Communication by Lipshutz and Frieman on page 6345 ff. Although there have
been many advances in ligand-accelerated catalysis of hydrosilylations, these reactions
invariably require the preparation of the catalyst prior to use owing to their limited
shelf-life. This new reagent represents the first asymmetric “CuH in a Bottle”.
Monolayers on SiO2
Self-assembled monolayers offer an ideal platform for the functionalization of silicon
oxide surfaces. Their formation and modification as well as the generation of patterns
are the themes of the Review by B. J. Ravoo, D. N. Reinhoudt, and S. Onclin on
page 6282 ff.
In their Communication on page 6306 ff., W. Sander et al. discuss the matrix isolation
and spectroscopic characterization of 1,2,3-tridehydrobenzene. The triradical has a 2A1
ground state.
Hydrogenation Catalysts
H. Gr=tzmacher et al. present a four-coordinate rhodium(i)amide in their
Communication on p. 6318 ff. The complex heterolytically cleaves H2 activating it for
the hydrogenation of ketones and imines.
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