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Cover Picture Enantioselective Catalysis and Analysis on a Chip (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 152006)

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Cover Picture
Detlev Belder,* Martin Ludwig, Li-Wen Wang, and Manfred T. Reetz*
Synthesis and analysis on a chip are possible with the microfluidic system shown (a
two-Euro coin is shown for scale). D. Belder, M. T. Reetz et al. show in their
Communication on page 2463 ff. how this chip is used to test enantioselective
biocatalysts created by directed evolution. The model system used is the hydrolitic
kinetic resolution of chiral glycidyl phenyl ether with different epoxide hydrolase
mutants. Aided by integrated electrophoreses, chiral separation of the products is
possible within 80 s.
Solar Cells
In the Minireview on page 2338 ff., N. Robertson discusses the optimization of dye
molecules for sensitized solar cells. Careful design of the dye can minimize energyloss mechanisms and increase the efficiency of solar-to-electrical energy conversion.
Bioorganic Chemistry
In their Review on page 2348 ff., L. L. Kiessling et al. describe the advantages of
using synthetic multivalent ligands for studies on protein complexes.
Directed ortho-Metalation
A precomplex formed from an aromatic amide, an alkali metal, and zinc that directs
ortho-zincation is described by R. E. Mulvey et al. in their Communication on
page 2370 ff.
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