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Cover Picture Glycoviruses Chemical Glycosylation Retargets Adenoviral Gene Transfer (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 72005)

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Cover Picture
Oliver M. T. Pearce, Kerry D. Fisher, Julia Humphries,
Leonard W. Seymour,* Alberto Smith, and Benjamin G. Davis*
Sugar-specific mechanisms of cell transfection can be created by the controlled
glycosylation of the surfaces of adenoviruses, which have an icosahedral structure, as
depicted in the cover picture. In their Communication on page 1057 ff., L. W.
Seymour, B. Davis, and co-workers describe how derivatives of adenoviruses with
galactose or mannose selectively transfect human macrophages rather than the
standard human endothelia and how this dramatic retargeting holds promise for gene
Natural Products Synthesis
To err is human! Even with modern analytical methods mistakes can be made in the
structural elucidation of natural products. K. C. Nicolaou and S. A. Snyder show how
chemical synthesis can help to solve these molecular puzzles in their Review on
page 1013 ff.
Enzyme Selection
In their Communication on p. 1048 ff. S. Q. Yao et al. describe a new method for the
simultaneous selection of mRNA-bound enzymes and for their identification with the
aid of a DNA-microarray.
Phosphorus Compounds
A simple access to the rare b-functional phosphinine compounds from readily
available phospholide ions is described by F. Mathey and J. Grundy in their
Communication on p. 1082 ff.
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