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Cover Picture Higher-Nuclearity Group 14 Metalloid Clusters [Sn9{Sn(NRR)}6] (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 262006)

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Cover Picture
Marcin Brynda, Rolfe Herber,* Peter B. Hitchcock,
Michael F. Lappert,* Israel Nowik, Philip P. Power,*
Andrey V. Protchenko, Aleš Růžička, and Jochen Steiner
Metalloid Clusters possess more metal–metal than metal–ligand contacts and contain
metal atoms that participate only in metal–metal interactions. The metalloid cluster
shown features a body-centered Sn15 core and six amido ligands (Sn blue, N green,
Si yellow, C black). In the Communication by M. F. Lappert, P. P. Power, R. Herber,
and co-workers on page 4333 ff., the synthesis and structures of two such clusters are
presented along with M,ssbauer spectra, which show two distinct Sn environments.
Structure Elucidation
Significant progress in the elucidation of the structure of the amorphous ceramic
Si3B3N7 has been possible through the combination of experimental methods and
computer simulations, as discussed by M. Jansen et al. in their Review on
page 4244 ff.
Nanoparticle Arrays
In their Communication on page 4266 ff., G. A. Planes and co-workers describe the
assembly of Pt clusters into so-called nanoislands and the alignment of the latter into
parallel rows on a gold surface.
Chemistry of Sight
Two Communications—that of T. Okada and H. Nakamichi on page 4270 ff., as well
as that of V. Buss and co-workers on page 4274 ff.—address the structure of
bathorhodopsin, the first intermediate of the rhodopsin visual cycle.
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