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Cover Picture Isostructural Coordination Capsules for a Series of 10 Different d5Цd10 Transition-Metal Ions (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 392006)

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Cover Picture
Shuichi Hiraoka, Koji Harano, Motoo Shiro, Yoshiki Ozawa,
Nobuhiro Yasuda, Koshiro Toriumi, and Mitsuhiko Shionoya*
An isolated space for size- or shape-selective dynamic molecular recognition and
metal-triggered chemical reactions is offered by the cavity within nanocapsules. In
their Communication on page 6488 ff., M. Shionoya and co-workers describe a series
of isostructural octahedral capsules prepared from a common tridentate ligand and
ten different transition-metal ions, as highlighted in green in the cover picture, and
demonstrate site-specific exchange of the anions coordinated within the cavity to the
metal centers.
Cyclophane Polymers
Conjugated polymers that contain cyclophane units in the main chain are promising
materials as molecular wires. In their Minireview on page 6430 ff., Y. Morisaki and Y.
Chujo give an overview of recent developments in this class of polymer.
A Natural Cancer Suppressor
Many cells have a control system based on the tumor-suppressor protein p53 to
prevent cancer development. In their Review on page 6440 ff., H. Kessler, J. Buchner,
et al. describe the structure and regulation of p53 as well as new therapy possibilities.
In their Communication on page 6462 ff., M. Y. Gao and H. Niu report the synthesis
of cadmium thiolate nanowires, whose diameters can be tuned by using poly(acrylic
acid), and their use as sacrificial templates for the preparation of long CdTe
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