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Cover Picture Knotting and Threading of Molecules Chemistry and Chirality of Molecular Knots and Their Assemblies (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 102005)

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Cover Picture
Oleg Lukin and Fritz Vgtle*
Fantasy structures such as the heptafoil knot interlocked with seven trefoil knots
shown in the cover picture represents a distant goal for template synthesis.
Established template strategies for the synthesis of molecular knots (knotanes) and
higher assemblies with twisted architectures can lead to such structures. More on the
synthesis, functionalization, and properties of knots can be found in the Review by F.
Vgtle and O. Lukin on page 1456 ff.
Organolithium reagents
What happens in the reactions of organolithium compounds? In their Minireview on
page 1448 ff., R. Gossage, J. Jastrzebski, and G. van Koten describe the formation of
hetero-aggregates with remarkable structures and reactivities.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
An FeII–GdIII metallostar complex, which exhibits a remarkably high proton relaxivity
and could potentially be applied in magnetic resonance imaging, is introduced by E.
Tth and co-workers in their Communication on page 1480 ff.
In their Communication on page 1504 ff., J.-L. Reymond and co-workers describe the
construction of a database that contains 13.9 million organic molecules with up to
11 atoms, under constraints for chemical stability and synthetic feasibility.
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