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Cover Picture Making the True УCPФ Ligand (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 372006)

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Cover Picture
Joseph G. Cordaro, Daniel Stein, Heinz Regger, and
Hansjrg Grtzmacher*
The quest for cyaphide, the phosphorus equivalent of cyanide, has been a challenge
for many years. In their Communication on page 6159 ff., H. Gr tzmacher and coworkers describe their approach to prepare the first stable terminal cyaphide complex
[RuH(CP)(dppe)2] (dppe ¼ bis(1,2-diphenylphosphinoethane)). In an initial silylprotected complex, the Ru center was P-coordinated by the CP ligand. Removal of
the silyl group yielded the C-coordinated Ru complex, whose structure is shown on
the cover picture.
One of the decisive steps in the synthesis of many natural products is a
macrocyclization by ring-closing matathesis. J. P/rez-Castells and A. Gradillas
describe in their Minireview on page 6086 ff. the conditions that are advantageous for
this reaction.
Multiplex Analysis
Though not well known, suspension systems of coded microspheres are potentially far
better suited for multiplex analysis than the established planar-array techniques.
R. Wilson and co-workers describe this new approach and its advantages in their
Review on p. 6104 ff.
BN Vinylidene Analogue
In their Communication on page 6118 ff., S. Aldridge, C. Jones, and co-workers
present a cationic terminal amino borylene complex that displays delocalized Fe-B-N
bonding and undergoes [4þ1] cycloaddition with an ortho-benzoquinone.
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