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Cover Picture Mass Spectrometric Profiling of Intact Biological Tissue by Using Desorption Electrospray Ionization (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 432005)

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Cover Picture
Justin M. Wiseman, Satu M. Puolitaival, Zoltn Takts,
R. Graham Cooks,* and Richard M. Caprioli*
Desorption electrospray ionization is applied to the mass spectrometric profiling of
phospholipids. In their Communication on page 7094 ff., R. G. Cooks, R. M. Caprioli,
and co-workers report the rapid analysis of untreated biological tissues, including the
tumor region of liver tissue. The impact of charged liquid microdroplets on liver tissue
in air and the release of lipids and other molecules as ions for analysis is illustrated in
the cover picture (prepared by Z. Ouyang, J. Wiseman, and R. Shreve).
Solid-State Synthesis
A large number of new phases have been synthesized in recent years by using a metal
flux. The advantages of employing liquid metals as solvents in the preparation of
intermetallic compounds are presented by M. G. Kanatzidis et al. in their Review on
page 6996 ff.
Hepatitis Virus Inhibitor
A proline-based macrocycle binds tightly with the Ala 156 methyl group of hepatitis C
virus (HCV) NS3 protease. In their Communication on page 7024 ff., K. X. Chen and
co-workers show why the macrocycle is a potent HCV inhibitor.
Noncovalent Interactions
M. J. Krische and H. Gong show in their Communication on page 7069 ff. how
aminopyrazolones, through interactions between their amide and amidine groups, can
self-assemble into 1D architectures or aggregates to give macrocyclic quartets.
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