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Cover Picture Methods for the Chemical Synthesis of Fullerenes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 382004)

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Cover Picture
Lawrence T. Scott*
A high price in energy must be paid to impose curvature on the p system of a planar
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. This step was essential for the first chemical
synthesis of C60 in isolable quantities, which stands as dramatic testimony to the
power of the new synthetic methods devised for fullerene synthesis. In his Review on
page 4994 ff., L. T. Scott describes the numerous syntheses of geodesic polyarenes
reported, which serve to test the scope and limitations of the new methods.
Their preorganized structure makes ionic liquids are an ideal solvent for materials
synthesis. M. Antonietti et al. explore the concept and perspectives of this strategy in
their Minireview on page 4988 ff.
Luminescent Materials
Visible-light excitation of a europium complex leads to characteristic red emission as
reported by Y. Wang, J.-P. Zhang, W.-T. Wong et al. in their Communication on
page 5010 ff. Such excition at longer wavelengths is required for many applications.
Natural Product Synthesis
The total synthesis of thiostrepton, a highly active antibiotic from Streptomyces, was
completed by K. C. Nicolaou et al. The synthetic route can be followed in their
Communications on pages 5087 ff and 5092 ff.
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