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Cover Picture Mixed Spin-State [HS-LS] Pairs in a Dinuclear Spin-Transition Complex Confirmation by Variable-Temperature 57Fe Mssbauer Spectroscopy (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 162008)

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Nanomaterials for Lithium Batteries
P. G. Bruce et al.
Prebiotic Chemistry
P. Cintas
Total Synthesis of Spirastrellolide A
M. V. Perkins
[3+2] Cycloadditions of Trimethylenemethane
W. Tam and P. Le Marquand
ACIEFS 47 (16) 2893–3066 (2008) · ISSN 1433–7851 · Vol. 47 · No. 16
Cover Picture
C. Matthias Grunert, Sergey Reiman, Hartmut Spiering,
Jonathan A. Kitchen, Sally Brooker,* and Philipp G"tlich*
Spin crossover in the highly constrained, doubly triazole-bridged complex
[FeII2(pmat)2](BF4)4·DMF is shown by standard, easily accessible, temperaturedependent Mçssbauer spectroscopy to proceed via a low-spin/high-spin [LS-HS]
species and not a 1:1 mixture of [LS-LS]:[HS-HS] species. S. Brooker, P. G1tlich, and
co-workers reveal in their Communication on page 2997 ff. that, without resorting to
magnetic-field measurements, the subtle differences between HS FeII in a [HS-HS]
pair and in a [LS-HS] pair can be identified.
Lithium Batteries
Nanomaterials are pivotal for the future research into rechargeable lithium
batteries, as they can significantly increase their energy and current density. In their
Review on page 2930 ff. P. G. Bruce et al. investigate current advances in the area.
Branched Nanotubes
Sulfur plays a crucial role in triggering nanotube branching. Its incorporation into the
sp2 carbon network leads to bud formation. The full mechanism is explained by M.
Terrones et al. in their Communication on page 2948 ff.
Natural Product Synthesis
In two Communications on pages 3016 ff. and 3021 ff. I. Paterson and co-workers
describe the final steps in the synthesis of spirastrellolide A methyl ester. The
marine macrolide is a lead for anticancer therapies.
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