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Cover Picture Molecular Recognition of a Three-Way DNA Junction by a Metallosupramolecular Helicate (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 82006)

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Cover Picture
Aneta Oleksi, Alexandre G. Blanco, Roeland Boer, Isabel Usn,
Joan Aymam , Alison Rodger, Michael J. Hannon,* and Miquel Coll*
Metallosupramolecular helicates with trigonal-antiprismatic geometry thread through
and fit perfectly into the central hydrophobic cavity of a three-way DNA junction. Six
hydrophobic rings of the drug stack on six DNA bases, with three more sandwiched in
the minor grooves. This work reveals and enables a new approach to targeting DNA
and specifically DNA junctions. For more details, see the Communication by M. Coll,
M. J. Hannon, and co-workers on page 1227 ff.
The molecular recognition between an external signal and a receptor is transduced
allosterically to catalytically amplified chemical information. E. V. Anslyn and L. Zhu
outline this approach in their Minireview on page 1190 ff.
Medicinal Chemistry
Polymeric carrier systems enable the optimization and transport of low-molecularweight drugs, proteins, and oligonucleotides. Current developments in polymer
therapeutics are given by R. Haag and F. Kratz in their Review on page 1198 ff.
Metathesis Catalysts
In their Communication on page 1216 ff., C. Cop6ret and co-workers describe the
preparation of a silica-supported Mo–carbene catalyst for olefin metathesis and how
its performance compares relative to its molecular equivalent.
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