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Cover Picture Nanoparticle PCR Nanogold-Assisted PCR with Enhanced Specificity (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 322005)

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Cover Picture
Haikuo Li, Jiehuan Huang, Junhong Lv, Hongjie An,
Xiaodong Zhang, Zhizhou Zhang,* Chunhai Fan,* and Jun Hu*
Favorable binding of gold nanoparticles to single-stranded DNA decreases the
likelihood of mispair formation during annealing and clearly increases the specificity
and yield of PCR, one of the most important standard methods of molecular biology.
In their Communication on pp. 5100 ff., Z. Zhang, C. Fan, J. Hu, and co-workers
report on this promising field of biotechnology. (Xiaobin Wang assisted in the
production of this image.)
Cationic Boron Compounds
The possible synthetic uses of boronium, borenium, and borinium ions are increasing
rapidly. W. E. Piers et al. explore the chemistry of these reactive electrophiles in their
Review on page 5016 ff.
Drug-Delivery Systems
In their Communication on pp. 5038 ff., V. S.-Y. Lin et al. introduce a model system
for the site-specific delivery of drugs. For this purpose, mesoporous MCM-41-type
silica nanorods (MSNs) covered with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
were used.
Helical bis(merocyanin)dye nanorods organize themselves through an inversion of the
exciton chirality as well as through structural changes that occur in the transition from
kinetic to thermodynamic self-assembly. For more information, see the
Communication by F. W9rthner et al. on pp. 5071 ff.
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